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Haunted Agrasen Ki Baoli: People Experience Footstep of Someone Following Them! Know Scary History!

Haunted Agrasen Ki Baoli: People Experience Footstep of Someone Following Them! Know Scary History!

Delhi, the capital city of the Indian subcontinent has been a centre of attraction and power from the beginning. The tales of this charismatic city are old and are full of love, war, chivalry, fantasies and uncountable stories of the bygone era.

Delhi, being one of the oldest cities, the Sultanate of Delhi has many places that are beautiful, charismatic, and mysterious. One of the most mysterious places with haunted stories is the Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi.


Ancient Indians used to build water temples as well as the earliest forms of step wells and reservoirs. Agrasen ki Baoli alias Ugrasen ki Baoli is among the few of its kind in Delhi consisting of 103 steps that are made up of sandstone.

Maharaja Agrasen originally built the Baoli during the Mahabharata era, which was later rebuilt during the 14th Century by the Agarwal community, probably during the reigning period of Muhammad Tughlaq.

Located on Hailey Road near Connaught Place, Delhi near Jantar Mantar, the ornate step-well, once a water reservoir is an exquisite example of splendid architecture and ancient engineering skills.

However, presently, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) protects the construction with a mammoth-sized board describing its national importance, but even the ticketless entry attracts only a few visitors, probably due to its haunted stories.


The Baoli is a unique blend of impressive design and architecture, known to have existed centuries ago. The stonewalls of the Baoli have been dressed with inventive designs with a series of arched structures that have become grim and desolate and yet beautiful.

With an area of 60metres in length and 15 meters in width, the rectangular step-well is made up of a series of superimposed arches supported on piers or columns. Parts of the Baoli are permanently immersed in water, but three levels exist that are visible and are above the water level.

All these three layers are lined with arched niches on both sides, which allow the visitors in exploring the various alcoves and rooms that once were used for a retreat or special prayers. Presently, the rooms considered dangerous are secured with gates.

The water-filled the Baoli even some years ago that has now dried up and one can only see the bed of the reservoir filled with bird feathers and droppings. The Baoli is a well-known residence for pigeons and bats who loves living in the lofty areas of the dry reservoirs. However, the silence in the Baoli deepens as one moves towards the bottom of the stairs.

The magnificent skylines start to disappear, the light of the day starts to fade away, assuring it is one of the spooky and haunted places located in India’s capital city, Delhi. The gradual increase of the gurgling sound of the pigeons accompanied by squeaky chatters of bats echoing off the stone-walls makes this place creepier.

Agrasen ki Baoli Mystery:

The Baoli is not only a monument of architecture but, the monument has many mysteries hidden under its walls. Tourists around the world visit the place under their heritage and cultural walk in Delhi as well as to satisfy their curiosity behind its freaky and haunted stories.

The haunted beliefs of the Baoli are connected to the well. As one goes down deep into the well, the surrounding sounds faint away, leaving behind the sounds of their footsteps.

However, even in the presence of deep silence, visitors have experienced some unknown factors and eerieness, which made people believe that Agrasen ki Baoli is the house of evil spirits.

The presence of innumerable bats and black holes have made the place much spooky. It is said that the Baoli was filled with dirty black water, which called out the names of the people mysteriously asking them to sacrifice their lives into it.

It was believed that the water was used for enchanting the people who were further forced for sacrificing their lives. Even today, these stories and incidents haunt the place, creating spookiness and eeriness.

There are also many rooms in the Baoli which are now closed and nothing more than just the house for bats and pigeons. Some incidents came to notice in 2007 that someone committed suicide in five feet water which is very strange.

It is said that when someone is walking around in the rooms in the Baoli they can hear the footsteps of someone else also even if there is no one around. Because of all this a rumour the Baoli has become quite famous and has gathered the attention of lots of tourists and locals.

The occurrence of supernatural activities along with the existence of the evil one is controversial and has been debated now and then. The loud and shrill cry of the bats adds up to the reputation of being evil, which plays a role in increasing the eeriness inside the monument.


Some people believe that the haunted tales are mythical, while some claim it to be an eye witness to these shocking stories. The mystical architecture needs to be visited and people need to experience the sensation of being alone in Agrasen ki Baoli.

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