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Hair Color Trends that You Should Not Miss: These Looks Are About to Be Everywhere!!

Hair Color Trends that You Should Not Miss: These Looks Are About to Be Everywhere!!

When it comes to hairstyle trends, nothing is really out. There are looks that come and go, especially when talking about hair color. New Year, new hair! We are not only at the starting of a new year but, a new decade! A new decade brings out new trends and fresh ways of coloring and highlighting your hair.

We have asked the top colorists for finding out what their clients are requesting and the hues they think will continue being huge for the decade. They are professional and not psychic and listen to the preferences of their clients’ all day at the salon. And, some of those clients are the major trendsetters, such as celebrities.


Silver Blonde

Silver-blonde hair is the best shade for girls for going lighter this summer. In the view of George Papanikolas, Matrix celebrity colorist, “Metallic tones have been very hot in fashion, and hair color has become the newest accessory to take on this reflective hue.”

Don’t want going down with silver completely? There’s nothing to worry about! This shade of blonde combined with silver undertones is going to be super popular this New Year. Eager to dip your toe into the ice queen realm? If so, this shade is perfect for you! Make sure that you are washing your hair with a purple shampoo and keep your color bright.

Dark Chocolate Brown

Rich, creamy and melting chocolate! Every woman loves this food of the god. There is nothing surprising that chocolate brown is one of the most preferred hair colors. Rich, vibrant and classy.

Caramel Highlights

Do you want a masterpiece of hairstyle? Try the Caramel Highlights. No matter what your complexion, hair type or natural hair color might be, a warm caramel highlight is sure to complete your look! Whether it’s a subtle pop of caramel against some darker pieces or an overall color, there are always ways of highlights to your life.

Whether a subtle touch of warmth or something, in contrast, there’s always a way for incorporating caramel highlights into your look. Stay on trend! Combination of a chocolate brown color base with caramel highlights would look super classy.

Lilac Hair

While rose gold ruled the last year, trend forecasters think that the new “it girl’ look to be lilac. The pretty pastel look is set to be standout hairstyle. Going lilac can seem daunting, especially considering the aftercare. If you need more encouragement, you will come across people can’t stop searching and pinning pastel shades.

If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, there’s time to rock the super pretty purple hue. Make sure for a weekly hair mask that would neutralize any brassy tones.

Cherry Red Hair Color

If you are contemplating whether you can pull off cherry red hair color, go ahead. Heard it for the first time here? It doesn’t matter if you’re the fairest of all or rich with melanin. There’s a fiery hue that is perfect for you, which will earn you lots of compliments. Still skeptical?

You need a chance that would change your mind. Cherry red hair color looks amazing on everyone as it warms up the skin tone without washing you out. Lather up with sulfate-free shampoo and cherry red hair color will look vivid.

Cinnamon Hair Color

Cinnamon hair color is one of the hottest hair color trends of the moment. Cinnamon hair color is a warm, reddish-brown shade that flatters many different skin tones and looks great on both men and women. For those wanting to make a subtle change, cinnamon is an ideal choice since it provides just enough color to give your hair an extra boost without being too dramatic.

Cinnamon hair color also looks great when styled in a range of different ways, such as braids, loose waves, and beachy curls. If you’re looking to try a new color, cinnamon is definitely worth considering. With the right care, it can give your hair that extra bit of pizzazz you’ve been looking for.

Copper Brown Hair Color

Copper brown hair color is one of the hottest trends in hair color right now. It's a warm, vibrant hue that can make any look pop. Copper brown hair color is perfect for those looking to add some fun, flirty vibes to their style. It's also great for those who want to make a statement with their look.

For example, if you have light blonde hair, a Copper brown hair color can add some dimension and depth to your look. It's also perfect for adding a touch of warmth to darker hair colors. Whether you're looking for an edgy balayage or a natural-looking ombre, copper brown hair color is a great option.

For those who want to make an even bolder statement, try mixing copper brown with other shades like red or purple for a multi-dimensional look. No matter how you choose to wear it, copper brown is sure to be a show-stopping hair color.

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