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Do you love Long Hairs? Best Foods for Your Hair Growth and Thickness

Do you love Long Hairs? Best Foods for Your Hair Growth and Thickness

All of us love strong and healthy hair, especially as they grow older. Interestingly, our hair grows around 0.5 inches (1.25cm) a month and 6 inches (15cm) in a year. The growth of hair depends on several factors like age, health, diet, and genetics.

However, you cannot change factors like age and genetics; there is one thing that’s under your control. What’s that? DIET! Of course.

Consumption of diet lacking the right nutrients will ultimately lead to hair loss. On the other hand, if you are consuming a balanced diet daily with the right amount of nutrients, it will promote hair growth, especially if you are experiencing hair loss due to nutrition.

American Hair Loss Association states that American men by the age of 35, approximately, 85% experience some degree of appreciable hair loss. About 25% of men suffer from hair loss, and thinning of hair begins before 21.

Not only men but also women suffer from thinning of hair and achieve less than optimal hair growth. The American Hair Loss Association states that about 40% of American women are suffering from hair loss.

What can be done? Is there any natural way of promoting hair growth? Yes! Several types of research conducted found out that several foods can actually help in your hair growth.

Here is the list of all those food.


Protein is a crucial ingredient providing healthy hair growth, simply because it’s the main composition of our hair. Every single strand is composed of Keratin, making it essential for maintaining a healthy dose of protein in your diet.

Eggs, in particular, have tons of protein. Every egg contains 6-7 grams of protein that help you are to grow strongly and healthily.

Nuts and Seeds

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for your hair, particularly in adding thickness. Unfortunately, our body is not capable of producing it, and we need to find them from outside sources for implementing it to our diet.

Fortunately enough, we have nuts and seeds! Nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews are packed with these fatty acids and are completely edible and delicious. Nuts contain Vitamin D, which helps in creating new hair follicles further aiding in the growth of fresh, thick, and healthy hair.

Sweet Potatoes

While you might think that your hair grows slowly, it’s actually the fastest-growing part of your body. This is because the skin that connects to your hair is the fastest growing tissues in your body. Vitamin A is the most essential for the growth of these tissues.

Sweet potatoes are packed with lots of Vitamin A and provides more than four times compared to your recommended daily intake.

Dark, Leafy Greens

Several times, you have been asked to consume greens, and you must pay heed to the advice. Leafy greens such as spinach and kale deliver a large portion of iron, a mineral for healthy hair cells.

Deficiency in iron has been linked to problems such as hair loss. The reason for this is low iron is an indicator that nutrients and oxygen fail to reach your hair follicles and roots, preventing your hair from growing.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits are some of the common and best examples of citrus fruits that are readily available. They are a great source of Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that makes absorption of iron into your body more relaxed. It also builds up collagen, an essential compound responsible for hair growth, keeping it secure from the roots to its tips.


Dry hair? Try avocados. They work amazingly. This superfruit is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5, as well as these, are high in proteins, magnesium, amino acids, iron, and copper.

Vitamin E, in particular, helps in the improvement of blood circulation, which is optimum for the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

While you are eating these deliciously smooth fruits in a salad, salsa, smoothie, or even only as a fruit, it will give you all the nutrients that you need. Try avocado oil. It can be directly applied to your hair. The results are no doubt, awesome!

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