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Driskill Hotel: Hair-Raising History of a Hotel full of Haunted Rooms with Paintings Gazing at You

Driskill Hotel

Every city has its fair share of haunted hotels. It’s quite amazing how many horror stories and tales are attached to such places. The Driskill Hotel is one such place that is quite reputed for its ghostly guests. This hotel is marked by the number of celebrities who have had their brushes with the ghostly inhabitants of the hotel.


The Driskill Hotel is an iconic historical landmark of Austin which was built in 1886. The hotel was planned and constructed by Colonel Jesse Driskill. The hotel contains a total of 189 guestrooms and suites, plus a bar and a high-end grill.

The bar is quite famous and quite often frequented by many guests. The hotel has been brilliantly 0constructed with dozens of columns lining the walls to the spotless marble floors. Overall, it is a wonder. Guests are welcomed with the hotel’s ambiance and comfort.

Glorious Architecture

Initially built as a showplace for cattle baron, its transformation into the iconic hotel is reputed as a landmark of Texas hospitality. As brilliantly the hotel was constructed, by the time it opened on December 20, 1886, it quickly ran into financial problems.

The high cost can be attributed to many if it's expensive provisions. The second floor of the hotel had sixty steam-heated guestrooms along with four suites. There were additional dining rooms for both children and ladies while the large billiards room and barbershop were enjoyed by men. A separate building was built which held the Servants quarters and the kitchen.

In the year 1923, the large guest rooms were remodeled and they were subdivided into 125 small rooms. From then on, many changes took place to make the place more welcome. However, the hotel was shut down in 1970 and it was continuously passed on from one owner to another.

In the middle of these changes, the hotel was remodeled several times, which eventually led to its iconic transformation.

All the rooms of the Driskill room are designed for the comfort of all its guests. The room and suites contain a range of artistic paintings that decorate their walls. One can also relax at the Driskill Furnishings, where they easily work to their heart’s content.

The walls of the room are painted by hand and they have adhered to a color palette in honor of its Texas roots. Somehow, the hotel has seamlessly mingled its timeless charm with its modern amenities. From its appearance alone, one would be deceived by its grandeur and spotless tiles. But if you listen closely, the hotel screams of blood and horror.

When one walks through the door of Driskill Hotel, it is noticed that the walls of the hotel are lined with creepy Victorian Painting which seems to glare at anyone who passed through its doors.

Some guests have even reported feeling uncomfortable and being watched by the painting. At the entrance, the original owner of the hotel can be seen in all his glory. His painting reeks of charm and luxury, however, it is advised to not make eye contact with the painting since it seems to freak out all those who dared to have a closer look.

However, its most haunting feature or rather, it’s haunted room, is known to scare all its guests. Room 525 definitely is the scariest room of the hotel. There are reports of Screaming sounds that come from the very same room. Guests who stay in this room have reported odd water leaks and ghostly apparitions that resemble a bride.

Driskill Hotel

Suicide of a Brides:

Apparently, the horror that lies behind that is the source of its haunting nature. The room has been haunted from the time a Bride killed herself in the bathtub during her honeymoon. Coincidentally, 20 years later, another bride killed herself in the same room and the same bathtub. The reason behind their suicide remains unknown.

The room was nicknamed as “ The room of Suicide Brides” and the Driskill hotel decided to close the room and put bricks over it. However, it did not remain closed for a longer time. In 2016, one couple who stayed at this room ended up checking out of the hotel in the middle of the night after being spooked by flickering lights and mysterious knocks on the door. However, the hauntings do not end there.

Haunting Stories behind Driskill Hotel:

It all begins in 1887 when a girl accidentally died while she was chasing her ball. She was playing with her ball when it slipped from her hands. Chasing the ball, she slipped and fell down the grand staircase and broke her neck. The guests have reported hearing the sounds of a girl giggling and the sounds of a ball bouncing down the staircase.

Another room, Room 429 also contains the spirit of a wailing lady. Quite often, the staff hears the crying sounds and they make it a point to avoid the room. Also, the hotel contains the most haunted mirror of all.

The Maximillian room of the hotel contains a mirror which belonged to the wife of Emperor Maximillian I of Mexico. If one peers into the mirror for a long time, they can see an image of Carlotta, the wife of the Emperor.


Despite its cosy and elegant exterior, the hotel still holds a gruesome past within its walls. Out of all the floors, the Fifth floor is said to be the most active for paranormal activities. Arguably the most luxurious hotel, this does not exclude the various ghostly sightings.

What makes this hotel even scarier is that none of its visitors is sure whether their ghostly encounters are friendly or downright scarier. It's only a matter of time before spirits show their real intentions.

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