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Does Broken Glass Means Fight in your Relationship? Read to Know the Truth Behind the Common Belief

Does Broken Glass Means Fight in your Relationship? Read to Know the Truth Behind the Common Belief

One of many superstitions is the symbolism of broken glass. Volcanic glass is a naturally occurring glass that was used for the production of sharp cutting tools by the Stone Age Societies around the globe. Glass has a dual property because it represents the things that are fragile but also strong things. Glass is a symbol of change, transformation, rebirth, and eternity. Glass is also associated with brittleness and vulnerability. You can see through the glass as clear as crystal and as unclear as mud. Therefore, glass symbolizes the human relationship. Human relationships are easy to understand as well as hard to uphold like glass. If we talk about the broken glass alone, then we can see that it signifies the damaged and broken relationships hence, fights. Although glass is something that can always be ‘revived’. After a fight in a relationship, the thread that holds the relation is brittle as glass, if you handle it carelessly you can break it, and it will be hard to bring it back to life. Still, if you handle it carefully and sensibly, you can turn into a beautiful piece of art.

Beliefs associated with Glass:

There are many symbolisms, and superstitions related to glass, and those are all from various cultures and beliefs. In the Bible, there is a verse about broken-vessel which means “a person who is destroyed or forgotten, or who feels flawed or broken”. A lot of people think that broken cup, plates a good sign. It means that good news is on its way to you, hence, it signifies happy events and prosperity. Breaking of glass to ward away the evil spirits and make marriage long-lasting is a ritual in some Jewish wedding ceremonies.

There is even a Naval tradition to break a bottle of champagne over the bow of a ship to ensure a safe and bon voyage to all the ship crew members and the ship itself. When a wine glass or bottle breaks while toasting during a celebration, it is taken as a good sign. In Indian culture, there are a load of symbolism connected to glass or broken glass, one of which is that trust and transparency in your actions are delicate as glass. Hence, breaking of glass indicates a loss of mutual trust. We can see the breaking of glass more realistically for example, if the glass in our house broke, whether it was a water glass, a photo frame, glass plate etc., then it’s a loss because we lost something worth some money therefore in a practical way, breaking of glass symbolizes loss hence, broken glass can mean bad luck or bad omen.

Similarly, when a mirror breaks down, it means that something terrible was coming your way, but instead of you, it bumped into the mirror and revert. Therefore, you are safe, and it can be seen as a good sign.


All these metaphors related to broken glass is deep and thought worthy though they don’t hold much significance in the modern world. People of this generation want proof of everything, they want scientific explanations which is hard to get. In the early days, people used to understand relationships and other essential things about life with the help of symbolism. Therefore, they used to come up with symbols and superstitions like this. Broken glass means fights because glass represents relationship and arguments are the reason why relationships get weak and are prone to break or end.

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