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City of Witches Novel: Chapter Three - The Secrets of Magic!

City of Witches Novel: Chapter Three - The Secrets of Magic!

In the enchanting world of the "City of Witches" novel, chapter 3 takes us on a captivating journey into the heart of magical academia. Emilia, a seasoned witch with over 150 years of experience, leads her students through an unconventional lesson that leaves no room for modesty. This chapter explores the relentless pursuit of magical knowledge and the boundaries witches are willing to cross in their quest for power.

Emilia, the enigmatic professor, begins the chapter by delving into the world of magical assignments. Her unmatched expertise is displayed as she meticulously grades the twins' assignments with her ruby-adorned red quill pen. The twins, Odile and Odette, can't help but be drawn to Emilia's aura of magical obsession and madness, which define many witches.

The Witch of Creation, a legendary figure, serves as a symbol of ultimate magical power. Witches aspire to reach her level, akin to becoming gods themselves. Despite her centuries of existence, Emilia still retains her youthful and beautiful appearance—a testament to the eternal youth bestowed upon witches by their brands. However, this doesn't mean their magical development is boundless. Some witches hit a seemingly insurmountable wall, forever trapped in a perpetual cycle of failure.

In the relentless pursuit of magical excellence, witches like Emilia often disregard the lives of others and even their own, becoming mere tools in pursuing their magical goals. Passing down generations of research through their brands, witches ensure that their knowledge endures, even if they cannot achieve their ultimate goals.

Emilia's approach to grading assignments reflects her unique teaching style. She emphasizes that magic cannot be rigidly graded, encouraging her students to explore alternate paths and challenge established solutions. This flexibility sets her apart from her peers, as she acknowledges the possibility of different approaches in a field where pride often reigns supreme.

The twins, Odile and Odette, receive their graded assignments with curiosity and a hint of rivalry. Their rapid assessment of Emilia's corrections shows their eagerness to excel, but it also highlights their inability to fully grasp the advanced techniques Emilia employs. Their banter over scores adds a touch of youthful charm to the otherwise serious atmosphere.

Emilia's unexpected question about whether men can possess Mana sparks a lively debate among the students. The prevailing belief is that only women can become witches, and men cannot harbor Mana. However, Emilia hints at the possibility of men contributing innovatively to magic, challenging conventional wisdom.

The chapter takes a unique turn as Emilia decides to experiment with a male assistant, Tsubu. This experiment explores the correlation between a man's bodily fluids and the Mana generation. Tsubu, though reluctant, complies with the request. The twins, intrigued by this unconventional lesson, eagerly await the results.

Emilia's magic circle, drawn with special chalk, is a detector for the Mana generation. The experiment involves Tsubu's ejaculation, with the pendulum's swing indicating the magnitude of generated Mana. The twins' enthusiasm for witnessing the experiment adds humor to the otherwise serious subject matter.

As Emilia begins the experiment, her unorthodox approach raises eyebrows. She takes matters into her own hands, leaving Tsubu in disbelief. The twins, meanwhile, express their desire to participate, highlighting their curiosity about the magical aspects of the experiment.

Emilia's demonstration involves manipulating Tsubu's intimate area to induce ejaculation. While Tsubu struggles to maintain his composure, the twins' excitement knows no bounds. The chapter explores the intimate and unconventional methods of pursuing magical knowledge, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms.

Though simple in design, the magic circle plays a crucial role in the experiment. Its ability to detect the Mana generation adds depth to the magical world of the novel. Emilia's expertise in using magical tools showcases her mastery of the craft.

The chapter also delves into the concept of Mana generation being linked to a state of mental elevation and the act of sowing seeds, shedding light on the intricate relationship between magic and human instincts.

As the experiment unfolds, Tsubu's internal struggle and the twins' unbridled curiosity create a unique blend of tension and humor. Emilia's unapologetic approach to the experiment challenges societal norms and adds depth to her character.

The pursuit of magical knowledge takes center stage in this intriguing chapter of the "City of Witches" novel. Emilia's unorthodox teaching methods, the twins' youthful enthusiasm, and the exploration of magic's intimate aspects combine to create a memorable and thought-provoking narrative. As the story continues, readers will surely be captivated by the mysteries and complexities of this enchanting world.

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