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City of Witches Novel: Chapter Two - A Glimpse into the Enigmatic World of Witches!

City of Witches Novel: Chapter Two - A Glimpse into the Enigmatic World of Witches!

In the captivating world of the "City of Witches" novel, the story unfolds in a realm where modern conveniences are but a distant dream. The absence of running water and indoor plumbing is keenly felt, highlighting the stark differences between the everyday life of the characters in this mystical city and our own.

The chapter opens with a scene that immerses us in the harsh reality of this world. Our protagonist, Siwoo, has just completed his laborious work and desperately needs a bath. With no bathhouse in sight, he resorts to the nearby well and pours ice-cold groundwater over his weary body. Each splash of water brings a brief respite from the dirt and grime that cling to him, but it also exposes him to the chilling breeze that permeates this city.

Siwoo's frustration is palpable as he clenches his teeth in anger. It's been five years since he was abducted and forced into slavery in Gehenna, the City of Witches. To truly understand the absurdity of this place, we must delve into the concept of witches, a term that carries layers of complexity.

Witches, as we learn, are far from the stereotypical, pointy-hatted figures of folklore. In the City of Witches, anyone branded with a mysterious mark and possessing the ability to wield magic is considered a witch. Siwoo's initial impressions of witches are tainted by five years of living among them. He sees them as arrogant, dangerous, selfish, and even insane. However, he acknowledges that these impressions are subjective and fall short of capturing the true essence of witches.

The concept of witches turns darker as we explore the city's underbelly. Siwoo learns about the horrors of the witch trade, where slaves are subjected to secret experiments. It's a chilling reminder of the danger that lurks behind the façade of magic and power. In this world, a witch's obsession with magic eclipses even the most irrational cravings of a middle-aged, menopausal woman, as Siwoo colorfully puts it.

Siwoo's fate hangs by a thread. He shudders at the thought of what might have occurred to him if someone other than a city official had purchased him at the slave auction. It's a stark reminder of the unpredictable and hazardous nature of Gehenna.

The chapter's setting becomes even more vivid as we enter Trinity Academy, where apprentice witches are trained and seasoned witches conduct their research. The academy's architecture, a blend of Gehenna's unique style and 17th-century Baroque influences, evokes admiration from even Siwoo despite his disdain for the city's class-based society.

Siwoo's journey leads him to the opulent second academy building, where he encounters Professor Amelia Marigold, a striking figure in the world of witches. Her appearance, marked by luscious blonde hair, red lips, and an alluring figure, is a testament to the captivating beauty of witches, even if Siwoo harbors resentment towards them.

Amelia, an associate professor at Trinity Academy and a member of the esteemed Marigold lineage commands respect and awe within the witch society. Her status as a baroness sets her apart, and Siwoo observes that she cannot tolerate criticism from a mere slave like him.

The chapter takes an intriguing turn as Amelia's lecture unfolds. Siwoo's confrontation with two identical twin apprentice witches, Odile and Odette, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. Despite their innocent appearance, these twins wield a surprising power over Amelia, frustrating her in a way few can. Siwoo finds a strange satisfaction in witnessing Amelia's frustration but understands the perils of getting on the twins' bad side.

As the chapter progresses, we delve deeper into the world of magic. Amelia emphasizes the importance of practical application, setting the stage for an upcoming experiment. Siwoo's thoughts waver between satisfaction and trepidation, knowing that he must tread carefully in this world of magic, where the lines between power and vulnerability are blurred.

Intrigue, danger, and a complex web of relationships define Chapter Two of the "City of Witches" novel. As we follow Siwoo's journey through this enigmatic world, we are left eager to unravel the mysteries that lie ahead. Anything can happen in a city where magic and darkness coexist, and Siwoo's fate remains uncertain.

The "City of Witches" novel continues to captivate readers with its unique blend of fantasy, mystery, and the complexities of human nature. As the story unfolds, we are drawn deeper into the alluring but dangerous world of witches, where every page brings new revelations and surprises. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures in Gehenna's City of Witches.


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