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Biggest Mystery of Aviation: Disappearance Of The Aviator, Amelia Earhart Left Everyone in Shock!

Biggest Mystery of Aviation: Disappearance Of The Aviator, Amelia Earhart Left Everyone in Shock!

Amelia Mary Earhart, popularly known as Amelia Earhart was a well known American author and aviation pioneer. She was born in the USA and was widely known for many early aviation records. She was also the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean as a part of American aviation. She, as an author, also wrote many best-selling novels, the theme of which comprised her flying experiences from the past. It is believed that she was a daring woman, always passionate about her work, and was bent towards the upliftment of women. She did set an example to a lot of women out there. But unfortunately, one day, she disappeared while carrying out her duty as an aviator.

It was in the year 1937 on July 2. People all around the globe were stunned hearing the news, many of them could not even believe it.

Journey as a Pilot:

When Earhart was a kid, she once visited her sister in Toronto. While she was there, once at an aviation expo, a pilot flew his plane that was close to her. After this, she was stunned for some time and later told that it seemed to her that the plane was trying to say something to her.

In December of 1920, she set out to attend an air show in Long Beach wherein she took a plane ride of about ten minutes. She was really thrilled, that was something that actually changed her life. Six months after the incident, she bought her own second-hand plane that was famous with the name Canary. With the help of it, she was the first woman to achieve the world altitude record for women pilots. In 1928, around April she received a call from lady Lindy asking her if she wanted to fly across the Atlantic, Earhart got thrilled hearing the opportunity and immediately said yes but unfortunately due to some reasons could not fly. Nevertheless, she became an aviation celebrity.

Although she was a multitasker and had her hands in many fields, she was greatly inclined towards aviation. She reached 18415 feet with the fire within her, setting the world record for altitude. She then became the president of a woman aviation organization named as The Ninety-Nines.

She along with her spouse Putnam worked secretly on her plan to fly solo across the Atlantic. She also once tried flying to Paris but due to adverse weather conditions ended up landing on a farm.

However, she was admired for traveling halfway. She became a recognized international figure after that and further set seven women's speed and distance aviation records.

Earhart Plane lost!

On July 2 of 1937, the iron lady was last seen. She was going to take off, nobody knew that it was the last time people were seeing her in person. She was departing from Lae, New Guinea early in the morning accompanied by her navigator Fred Noonan who too unfortunately disappeared along with her.

She was on her trial to circumnavigate the globe during the time she disappeared, the woman who loved to explore and to fly. She along with her navigator Fred was on the way to Howland island but unfortunately could not reach there. They seemed to have disappeared in the central pacific ocean itself that falls midway to Howland island.


When she did not return in the stipulated time, investigations were launched in her name, authorities trying to find out where the two disappeared. It is also to be noted that on June 1 of the same year, Noonan and Earhart set out from Oakland In California towards Lae, New Guinea. They were on their eastbound transcontinental flight on a twin-engine Lockheed Electra Plane with the help of which they reached New Guinea that too before the completion of the month. From there they were to fly to Howland Island. It was said that before reaching the place, they had decided to stop in the pacific to refuel.

But due to adverse circumstances there they could not be back to their people and place. After the two were not found and the investigation was launched, it was discovered that due to overcast skies, radio transmission issues and low fuel, they could not reach the destination. To find them, the most expensive air and sea search of the time were set out on the journey, but it also returned disappointing others. Finally, she was declared dead in the year 1939 on January 5, after 18 months of disappearance and investigation. Though the authorities tried hard, they could not find the two of them.

To date, her disappearance and death have been a mystery to people that would continue in the coming time. The government of the USA addressed the people after her death, saying that they might have crashed in the ocean itself due to the lack of fuel and adverse circumstances.

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