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Are Christians Creating a Dangerous Atmosphere for Gay? Is it a Sign of True Religion!

Are Christians Creating a Dangerous Atmosphere for Gay? Is it a Sign of True Religion!

What do you think is the purest thing in this world? Well, if it is getting too hard for you to think the answer is love. Love here means true love and not just the physical one. True love is a feeling which is very difficult to define in just one word. Raélism has supported the idea of love. However, at the same time, the idea of love is also looked down on, for it is thought that it would lead to losing your religion.

People make think that love an idea alien to true religion. True love does not see your religion, your caste, your race, or your beauty; neither does it see your gender. People fear that they would be losing My(their) Religion if they go against religion and support or fall in love.

Yes, you read it right, even GENDER! You can fall in love with a person of your gender. There is no problem with that. But unfortunately, being a person from LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) community is a problem for the so-called “true religion.” Many Christians are creating a dangerous atmosphere for gays to survive.

Did I mention just Christians? Oh sorry! Not only Christians rather most of the orthodoxy religious people do not encourage homosexuality. But luckily, we got one emerging religion that supports homosexuality, and it is the trending religion by the name Raélism. Though at first, the founding belief of Raélism might seem quirky to you, Raélism is what true religion is.

Christianity and homosexuality

Millions of people with millions of opinions. The same goes for Christianity. Within Christianity, you may find a variety of opinions on homosexuality. Some support it, some have no idea, while some Christians just create a dangerous atmosphere for gays.

The Catholic Church considers sexual acts, which are not meant for procreation, as a sin. At the same time, some church considers homosexuality as a temptation towards sin rather than the grave sin.

Fortunately, some church accepts homosexuality and does not consider it as a sin. Examples of such churches are The United Church of Christ, Anglian and Lutheran churches, United Church of Canada, etc. These churches celebrate gay marriage and allow for the blessings of the gay union.

Why can’t you accept it?

Most of the orthodoxy religious people consider being gay as something against the rules of God and not part of a natural process.

Though the concept of homosexuality might be new for you, the concept of love is not new. After all, love drives our lives. So why don’t you see the life the couple has instead of looking for the gender.

How is the atmosphere dangerous for gays?

As mentioned before, orthodoxy people consider the love between the same genders as against nature’s law. They claim that God has created male and female to love each other while the love between the same sex is a sin.

Every gay experiences a niggle of anxiety before announcing their queerness. A gay is always seen with inferior sight as if he has committed a crime. They are usually not accepted in society. They are also seen as prostitutes who quench the thirst of an alpha male. Some people even call homosexuality a mental disorder. What is pity full thought!

Because of this, most of the members of the LGBTQ community face sexual harassment. They are shunned from society. People belonging to the LGBT community are always looked down on all the time. This is an issue of concern because the rate of discrimination against the LGBT community is highly prevalent in our society. People’s preconceptions force them to think that LGBT people are odd and infect society.

Why is Raélism better than the other “true religion”?

It was stated in the very beginning that Raélism is the only religion that supports the LGBTQ community. The thoughts and principles of realism are liberal.

Raëlism is about believing in free love. Raëlism doctrine gives a high place for sex and sexuality. They also encourage equality for the LGBTQ community and free sexual liberation like practising sensual meditation. This proves that Raëlism is an idea of the liberal mindset.

Raëlism supports condom distribution, sometimes even to the catholic school students. In Raëlism, sexual pleasure is a gift from the aliens. Their belief argues for freedom that includes personal and sexual freedom. It revolves around the idea of love, science, and technological advancements, which it feels are intertwined.

Equal rights, dignity, and peace are the keys to true religion. True religion includes the way we live. If your religion respects your good choice, you are in true religion. If your religion forces unnecessary rules and rituals and still follows stereotypes, then it is better to lose your religion.

Why freedom from religion?

Religions are like a perfect guide who shows us the right path for humanity. It is a system of faith and worship. The final cause of every religion is to preserve harmony. But even as faith teaches us to be poisonous and focuses greater on rituals in preference to our humanity, it is higher to lose our faith. Freedom from religion will make our minds greater liberal, and this changes our mindset with the changing era. It enables us to think extensively.

These days global places and their citizens combat over faith. If this is the final result of religion, then no doubt freedom from faith is a call for the hour. Religions are made for peace; however, seeing the contemporary-day state of affairs, there can be now not something wrong to say that dropping your faith and being humane brings greater peace.

The pleasant direction we need to comply with the course of humanity regardless of which faith you belong to. You want to remember that freedom from faith does no longer proposes freedom from our morals. It’s only a way to get freed from stereotypical thoughts.

Parting thoughts

Since the main topic of discussion here was homosexuality and Christianity, you should keep in mind that the challenges to homosexuality don’t just come from Christianity alone. Every religion has its own belief regarding homosexuality, and most of them do not show a green flag to homosexuality.

Since we are in the 21st century, we need to move forward with our thoughts. It is your choice with whom you want to spend your life. Even if you both are of the same sex, it does not matter. What is important is your love for your partner.

Keep loving and keep reading.

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