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8 Spooky Islands The Story Behind For Dare-devil Travellers To Add To Their Wander List

mystery islands

The world is a big place to discover, explore and appreciate. Several mysteries and stories stay undiscovered and hidden in several nooks and corners of our world. The lands, oceans, forests, and air hold so many mystery spots to explore and talk about. One of the many types of places that have great depths of secrecy is the mystery islands.

Islands are generally pieces of land that float amidst water, away from the mainland. Several islands still serve as mystery spots and fill us with wonder. This may be due to their location or lack of accessibility. Unfavourable surroundings and associated myths also may be a reason. Here is a list of 8 such mystery islands in admiration of all travel enthusiasts and, in general, to flaunt what beauty our planet holds.

1) The Socotra Island

This island is located in the Arabian Sea. It draws its speciality from being home to 800 rare species of fauna and flora. The plants on the island have thrived despite harsh weather conditions. They have evolved over the years to thrive with sunshine in this mystery spot.

This island is an eerie and unique mystery spot owing to the flora here. The plants are all randomly shaped due to extreme conditions. They have no proper structure pattern and look very odd. The oddity draws travellers and visitors to explore the place.

They often think of Socotra as a location right out of a science fiction movie due to its alien-type trees and carved limestone caves. It is truly a mystery spot in the sense of being eerie and unique. It holds secrets and many myths in its caves and dense forestation.

2) Daksa Island

The name might sound sober and godly, but only as long as you haven't heard its sobriquet. This mystery spot is also called the "Island of Ghost." (scary enough?) This island is located near Dubrovnik and is quite a historic place. It was subject to a heavy massacre in 1944. Authorities discovered the remains of six victims in the area. 48 bodies were soon found on the island by the Daksa Association.

3) Palmyra Atoll

The perfect murder mystery story for your travelogues you can flaunt. This island was found in 1798. This island is situated in the Pacific Ocean. A lot of paranormal experiences are noted to have taken place on its shores. A sailor group once crashed on the shores and ended up on the edge of this lagoon. They decided to walk around and gather help.

It is unclear if they were shipwrecked or wild animals found them prey, but what saw the morning light were their bodies that had been brutally murdered, and no one knows who did it. Mysterious yet?

4) Tashirojima

Calling out to all cat lovers, this mystery spot is for you. An island found in Miyagi in Japan is Tashirojima. The cat temple enshrined for you to deliver respect to the furry gods is the most quirky thing about this island.

There are also 51 stone monuments in the shape of cats. The southern area of the island consists of most of these shrines and monuments. This island has more cats than humans. A sign of good luck and wealth is feeding the cats here.

5) Poveglia Island

A sober name with a haunting history, this island is also called Italy's "most haunted island." The myths and history of this mysterious island will leave you freaked out. This mystery spot has been a breeding spot of cruelty and murder for several years to come.

It has a history back to the plague-ridden days, where the island was used as a spot to separate the living from the dead. Poveglia is the ground of last breathes for so many people whose lives were ridden by plague. It also has graves where live people were murdered in bunches, and their screams still resonate in these islands. The mystery of this island is associated with their so-called spirits haunting the night with cries.

6) Isla Bermeja

This is an island that no longer exists on any map. Spooky? Not yet? This mystery spot, also called the Red Island, was present in the 16th-century maps. The Mexican Gulf earlier flaunted it as a rocky cliff of 100 kilometres situated in the north. Researchers claim that they lost the island to erosion or the CIA blew it up. Luckily Mexico has more islands, but a disappearing one? Just one rare island!

7) Island of the Dead Dolls

This island is taken in the literal sense, as much as it seems to have been inspired by Anabelle. This mystery spot located in Mexico has no human inhabitation. Dolls inhabit the island —the age of the doll between one to a hundred, being both old and new. The dolls weren't alive (or that's what they say), but they are painted with natural human-like features like blood, gouged eyes, and striking scars.

Of course, this place is a hit every Halloween, as tourists flock here every year to get a sight of what was dead and haunting. The souls of anyone alive are pounced on and possessed by ghosts is a popular myth here. What use is of such spirits when the dolls themselves are that scary?

8) Easter Island

If you visit this island in the hopes of finding cute Easter bunnies, you can't be more wrong. As celebratory as the name sounds, this mystery spot is far from that. The island is home to many carved figures with oversized faces not matching their slim wooden bodies.

There are about 900 of these statues all across Easter Island. Polynesian engineers and expert artisans created these statues centuries back. The mystery? The purpose behind the sculptures is unknown. It is a mystery how they got all over the island.

More mystery spots are racing to the corners of secrecy in this world. The more the mystery, the more the glamour tapping the wanderlust in our souls.


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