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52 Arousing Sex Facts

  1. The word “clitoris” is Greek for “divine and goddess-like.”

  2. Married people are more likely to masturbate than people living alone.

  3. The fear of having, seeing, or thinking about an erection is called ithyphallophobia.

  4. Upper Paleolithic art dating back 30,000 years depicts people using dildos to pleasure themselves and others. That means mankind invented sex toys long before the wheel.

  5. The average man has 11 erections per day and 9 erections a night.

  6. Women who went to college are more likely to enjoy receiving and giving oral sex.

  7. There are between 500 and 1,000 deaths per year due to autoerotic asphyxiation.

  8. Scientists are unsure why humans have pubic hair, but they theorize that the hair traps secretions that hold pheromones or sexual scents.

  9. A teaspoon of semen contains 5 calories. A sperm takes one hour to swim seven inches.

  10. Avocados are known as the “fruit of the testicle tree” and are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

  11. Formicophilia is the sexual interest of small insects or worms crawling over one’s body.

  12. Having sex at least once per week can lower a man’s risk of heart disease by 30%, stroke by 50%, and diabetes by 40%. It has also been shown that men with an active sex life are more likely to live past 80 years.

  13. Throughout the United States, approximately 4% of the population self-identifies as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

  14. Approximately 70% of people in the U.S. admit to fantasizing about group sex at some point in their life, and more than 50% of those people actually follow through.

  15. Approximately 1% of people worldwide identify as asexual (having no strong sexual attraction to either sex).

  16. The creature named Tunisia Dorothea is thought by most scientists to be the first animal on the Earth to have sex, pushing back the history of sex by up to 30 million years.

  17. Statistics show that approximately 1 in every 5 Americans has indulged in sex with a colleague at work.

  18. The aroma of wine can arouse both men and women. The scents of many wines are believed to replicate human pheromones, the chemical substances that cause behavioural responses in humans.

  19. According to the Kinsey Institute, the average speed of sperm during ejaculation is 28 mph.

  20. Intercourse has also been called “afternoon delight,” “dancing the mattress,” “rumbusticating,” “shtupping,” “spearing the bearded clam,” "horizontal refreshment," and “testing the mattress.

  21. The amount of semen (from the Latin for “seed”) produced with each ejaculation is 1-2 teaspoons. The typical man will produce about 14 gallons or 1/2 trillion sperm in his lifetime.

  22. Many researchers consider the skin to be the largest sex organ and the brain to be the most powerful.

  23. Outside of the bedroom, the most common place for adults in the U.S. to have sex in the car.

  24. Men who help with housework also tend to have more sex.

  25. Lisa Sparxx, a porn star, had intercourse with 919 men in 24 hours, setting a new world record in 2004.

  26. Couples in Greece have the most sex, approximately 164 times per year. Brazil follows a close second with 145 times per year. The global average is 103.

  27. Some people are able to orgasm while working out, thanks to repetitious core movement.

  28. The inventor of Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Dr Kellogg, was an ardent anti-masturbation campaigner. He believed that a healthy diet would decrease a person’s sexual thoughts.

  29. The average person spends 20,160 minutes kissing during a lifetime, which is 336 hours, 14 days, or 2 weeks.

  30. The black widow spider eats her mate during or after sex. The hungry spider can eat as many as 20 lovers—in one day.

  31. According to the American Sociological Association found that the most mind-blowing sex typically comes with being in love with your partner.

  32. During 30 minutes of active sex, the average person burns approximately 200 calories.

  33. Approximately 70% of men refuse to have sex during their girlfriend’s period.

  34. The most successful X-rated movie in history is Deep Throat.

  35. According to Pornhub, the kinkiest states are Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia, and Oregon. California, surprisingly, is the least kinky.

  36. Every day, there are about 100 million acts of sexual intercourse a day globally.

  37. One study found that heterosexual woman climaxed 61.6% of the time, while homosexual women climaxed 74.7% of the time. Bisexual women climaxed 58% of the time.

  38. The states where couples have the longest lovemaking sessions are New Mexico (7:01), West Virginia (5:38), Idaho (5:11), South Carolina (4:48), and Missouri (4:22).

  39. Sex hasn’t always been associated with sin and guilt. Pre-Christian religions often regarded sex as a celebration and as a form of worship. Sex was seen as mirroring the sensual power of the Gods.

  40. “Nipplegasm” exists, which means that some women can orgasm through nipple stimulation.

  41. Women who have sex at least once a week have more regular menstrual cycles.

  42. At least one in 5 people use their smartphones during sex.

  43. According to one survey, 51% of respondents said they could go longer without sex than they could go without coffee.

  44. The states where couples have the shortest lovemaking sessions are Alaska (1:21), South Dakota (1:30), Montana (2:03) and Georgia.

  45. The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds. The average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds.

  46. People who sleep on their stomachs with their arms above their heads have more sexual dreams.

  47. Although nearly any body part or item of clothing may be an object of sexual fetishism, the shoe and the foot are the two most common fetishes in Western society.

  48. Women who have difficulty reaching orgasm might just have cold feet--literally. One study found that giving women warm socks increased their chance of reaching an orgasm.

  49. According to one study, Spain, Brazil, and Italy produce the best lovers. The worst lovers were Germans, who women claimed were “smelly.” The English were “too lazy,” the Swedes “finished too quickly,” and Americans ranked in the middle.

  50. According to one study, 36% of people go right to Facebook or Twitter, not the shower, after a romp in the sheets.

  51. After fingers and vibrators, women choose candles as a sex toy.

  52. The most common cause of penile rupture is vigorous masturbation.

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