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15 Things To Know About Amy Fisher

15 Things To Know About Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher, popularly known as ‘Long Island Lolita,’ a name that echoes through the corridors of American crime history, has fascinated many. Known for her involvement in a sensational case, Amy Fisher's life is a tale of twists and turns that captivated the nation. 

This blog will delve into 15 key aspects of Amy Fisher's life, shedding light on the woman behind the headlines.

Long Island Background

Amy Fisher was born in Merrick, New York, on Long Island. Her dad, Elliot, was Jewish, and her mom, Roseann, had various backgrounds, including English. When she was 16, she attended Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York. Life seemed pretty normal in the suburbs, like in many families. But then, everything changed, and her life took a surprising turn into a world of controversy and crime.

Teenage Years: Underage Love Scandal

Amy Fisher's life turned unexpectedly in her teenage years when she allegedly met 35-year-old Joey Buttafuoco, a married auto mechanic, in 1990. It all began when her father took his car to Buttafuoco's auto body shop for repairs.

Fisher later confessed that she intentionally damaged her car multiple times just to see him. Shockingly, she admitted to having a romantic affair with Buttafuoco when she was still underage. This revelation set the stage for the controversial relationship that would ultimately lead to a shocking and infamous crime.

The Crime: Attempt to Murder

The turning point in Amy Fisher's life came when she started to get jealous of Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Joey’s wife. Fueled by anger, Amy Fisher obtained a FIE Titan .25-caliber handgun with the help of Peter Guagenti, a Brooklyn auto supply salesman.

On that fateful day, May 19, 1992, Fisher, armed with the handgun, confronted Mary Jo at her doorstep. Making up a story about Joey's alleged affair with Amy’s imaginary younger sister, she presented a T-shirt from Buttafuoco's auto body shop as false evidence. The tension escalated during a 15-minute conversation, and as Buttafuoco turned her back to walk away, Fisher unleashed the violence.

Without warning, Fisher struck Buttafuoco twice with the gun before firing a shot into her head. Severely wounded, Buttafuoco collapsed, and Fisher fled the scene, leaving behind the damning evidence.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco survived the nightmarish attack, enduring a bullet lodged in her head. The heinous crime would forever leave an indelible mark on Amy Fisher's life and the pages of American criminal history. This incident began a media frenzy that would surround Fisher for years.

Charges and Arrest

After the shooting, the police asked Joey Buttafuoco about it, and he said Amy Fisher might be the one who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco. When Mary Jo regained consciousness the next day, she saw a picture of Amy Fisher and recognized her. This led to Fisher getting arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Prison Sentence: The Courtroom Drama

Following her guilty plea, Amy Fisher was sentenced to prison. On September 23, 1992, she admitted to hurting Mary Jo and pleaded guilty to first-degree assault. This was a big moment in her case. Later, on December 2, 1992, she was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison.

But things changed for Fisher. Nassau County Court Judge Ira Wexner reviewed her case and decided she didn't get fair treatment during her guilty plea. He reduced her maximum sentence to 10 years, making her eligible for parole.

Wexner made this decision because he found out Fisher didn't have proper help from her lawyer during the guilty plea. This added more complexity to Fisher's legal journey, showing how tricky things can be in the justice system. The courtroom drama unfolded on television screens nationwide, with everyone eager to know the fate of the so-called "Long Island Lolita."

Media Sensation: First Videotape

During the media frenzy in September 1992, the tabloid TV show Hard Copy aired a sensational videotaped conversation between Amy Fisher and Paul Makely. In this revealing tape, recorded just before Fisher's court plea, she openly discussed her future plans.

Fisher expressed her desire to marry Makely to facilitate prison visits, claiming it was unconstitutional to demand marriage for such visits. She admitted wanting her name in the press for financial gain, stating, "That will keep my name in the press. I want my name in the press. Why? Because I can make a lot of money. If I'm going through all this pain and suffering, I'm getting a Ferrari." This shocking revelation added another layer to Fisher's media persona, solidifying her status as a captivating and controversial figure.

Issues in Prison

While Amy Fisher was behind bars in 1996, she claimed that the prison guards repeatedly raped her. She wanted $20 million for the pain and asked to go to a different prison. But in 1997, the United States District Court for the Western District of New York said they didn't believe her. So, nothing happened with the case.

Interactions from Mary Jo

While Amy was serving her time in prison, Mary Jo, the person Amy had harmed, connected with her mother and started sending letters to Amy. When Amy faced the parole board, she had the unexpected support of Mary Jo, who expressed forgiveness and approved her release. This led to Amy regaining her freedom in 1999 at the age of 24.

Post-Prison Life: Media Comeback

After serving her time, Amy Fisher underwent a remarkable transformation. She embraced new opportunities, showcasing her resilience.

Fisher became a columnist for the Long Island Press, offering her insights on various topics. In 2004, she received a Media Award for her columns/news from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Besides writing, Amy Fisher started actively supporting the rights of prisoners. This role marked a significant shift in her public persona, allowing her to engage with the community and share her perspective beyond the shadow of her past. Fisher's post-prison life demonstrated a determination to move forward, contributing to her ongoing journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Uneven Married Life

Amy Fisher's personal life continued to be a topic of interest. The media scrutinized her relationships, marriages, and family life, adding to the ongoing narrative surrounding the woman once known as the "Long Island Lolita."

In 2003, Amy Fisher tied the knot with Louis Bellara, a former NYPD cop, marking a new chapter in her life. Relocating to Palm Beach, Florida, Amy and Louis initially enjoyed a content life with their son and two daughters. However, the bliss was short-lived, leading to their divorce in 2015.

Following this chapter, Amy found companionship with Stu Tendler, a printing industry professional from New York. Sadly, their journey was cut short as Stu passed away due to cancer.

Amy is a single mother residing in Long Island, New York, with her children. She sustains herself by engaging in cam shows, showcasing her resilience amid life's challenges.


In 2004, Amy Fisher released her biography, providing an insider's perspective on the events that unfolded in her life. Her life story, penned by Robbie Woliver in a book titled "If I Knew Then...," hit the shelves and became incredibly popular, earning the prestigious title of a New York Times bestseller. This book offered a glimpse into Fisher's thoughts and emotions during the difficult times.

Adult Entertainment Career

Amy Fisher's venture into adult entertainment brought controversy to her already eventful life. In 2007, a company planned to release a private video of Amy and her then-husband, Lou Bellera. After the video frames leaked online, Amy took legal action against the company for copyright infringement.

Lou Bellera allegedly sold the videotape to the company intentionally. Amy has said that Louis released this to make money off of her and push her into the entertainment business. Interestingly, a website Amy fought for control began linking directly to the company's site.

Despite the legal drama, Amy settled with the company in early 2008 and made a promotional appearance in New York City. Clips from the video were shown on The Howard Stern Show, creating more buzz. 

Amy also released an adult film in 2009 and became a stripper for a while. She even joked about stripping until fans told her to stop. However, by 2011, Amy decided to step away from adult films. As of 2024, she still connects with her audience as a webcam model.

The Melodramatic Reunion

In 2006, Amy, Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco appeared on an over-the-top reunion special episode on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. Amy wanted to fix things and move forward in her life. But after two years, she said she didn't feel sorry for Mary Jo without explaining why.

Surprisingly, in 2006, Amy and Joey Buttafuoco got together again for the first time at the Lingerie Bowl for the coin toss. Due to high ratings, Amy and Joey went on a public "dinner date" in 2007, aiming to set the stage for a reality show that never materialized.

Back in 2007, when the sex tape surfaced, Amy Fisher and Louis were temporarily apart. The media stirred a lot of excitement, suggesting that Amy might get back with her old flame, Joey Buttafuoco.

However, the apparent romantic reunion was a way to grab attention and money. Facing financial difficulties, Amy and Joey capitalized on the media's interest, knowing people would be intrigued. While their '90s relationship was genuine, the 2000s display was merely a facade.

Impact on Popular Culture

Amy Fisher's life story didn't merely fade into the shadows; it became a prominent thread in the fabric of popular culture. Hollywood embraced her narrative, with movies and documentaries showcasing the sensational events.

Amy Fisher's presence in the media surpassed the courtroom drama, leaving an enduring mark on how society consumes true crime stories. Her life has become a cautionary tale and a source of fascination, ensuring that the "Long Island Lolita" remains an unforgettable figure in popular culture.


As the years have passed, Amy Fisher's legacy has evolved. From a teenage girl embroiled in a scandalous affair to a woman seeking redemption, her story remains a complex narrative that intrigues and captivates audiences.


Amy Fisher's life is a mosaic of triumphs, mistakes, and a rollercoaster of dramatic events. From the headlines of crime tabloids to the reality TV spotlight, Fisher's narrative serves as a reminder of the complexity of human nature and a story of redemption. It is a vital reminder that a fresh start is always within reach, no matter the chaos.

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