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10 Most Amazing Personality Facts Of People Born In March

10 Most Amazing Personality Facts Of People Born In March

March, being the third month of the year, marks the transition from the soothing spring to the not-so-awaited hot summers.

Whether this transition in the weather somehow seeps into the personalities of babies born in this month or not, we know not, but March-born babies do have some distinctive qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. People born in March have some unique qualities. They have unique talents.

Here are some of the qualities of the people who are born in the third month of the year:


They are very devoted companions and they stick to their lover during the worst circumstances. They try to evade people who assume that unfaithfulness is not the end of the world. They stick to their principles and let their partners know what they want in a relationship.

Good Philosophers

People born during March are very good philosophers. They can spend a satisfactory part of the time thinking over the struggles and peace of their lives. This trait helps them find true blessing in life and enjoy their lives to the fullest. The only obstacle is that they tend to dwell on past mistakes and events. For this obstacle, people consider them immense philosophers.


These people are extremely lively. Their enthusiasm can be transmitted to the people around them, and spread happiness and peace everywhere. They never succumb to courage and keep smiling even in the most unfavourable circumstances.

Prefer Quietness

People born in March prefer to escape from the loudness of daily life and can often be found in a quiet place lost in their thoughts. They stay away from talkative and harsh people and would choose calm and peace over fame and wealth any day. Sure, not all people born in March are shy and introverts, but the majority of them.


March-born people are extremely liberal and compassionate. They are always willing to help and ready for any sacrifices. They are kind and everybody can count on them. Their kindness toward ones in need has gained them the admiration and respect from others.

Nature Lover

People born in March are very close to nature. They love wandering in the woods. They are avid pet lovers. These small activities make them happy. They love nature and animals from their heart and does not require any research or scientific support. If they have a pet, they treat it with the utmost care, more like a member of the family.

Minute Observer

They might not choose to fall in love very carefully but making a fool out of them in a relationship is very difficult. If you are planning to give then a down road trip to trust, then don’t even try because they might have already sensed it. Since they are emotional about trust and betrayal, they don’t forgive easily and are known to make enemies because of that.

Quite Mischievous

They love playing pranks on people even though you can never get them to accept that. Doing naughty things just dwells too deep in them. They have the eeriest things going around in their heads. They try to bring out those thoughts, in reality, to mess around. You cannot satiate their doubts except for an answer.

Highly Intuitive

Smartness is a trait that all parents would want their children to possess, and your March-born baby is sure to have it! These babies are smart, and it will be hard for anyone to fool them. Babies born in this month will turn out to be highly intuitive, and they’d be able to sense anyone plotting a scheme against them. They’d be ready to give it back.


From Sir Albert Einstein and Kalpana Chawla to Zakir Hussain and Aamir Khan, many famous scientists, artists, and thinkers are March-born. They are super-creative. They will be talented and will have an artistic mind. They may be inclined towards music and the fine arts and will be intrigued by artistic things. If your baby shows an interest in music, dance, or any other artistic field, do make sure that you nurture the baby's talent.

These are some traits possessed by the March-born babies. They are generous, creative, optimistic, and can adapt to any situation. Having mentioned the above distinctive qualities, it goes without saying that these babies will grow up to have other traits as well, which will make him well-liked and appreciated by all.

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