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Would I be straight instead of bisexual?

This is the first time I’ve ever shared this, but have felt like I needed to for quite a while. I’m 42 (M), and this happened to me when I was about 6 years old. I had a teenage neighbour (M) who was probably about 15 or 16 at the time. My older brother (3 years older than me) and I would hang out with the neighbour quite a bit. Regular kid stuff, playing outside, comics, games, etc. One time the two of us were alone and he showed me some playboy magazines of his dad’s. After a while, he removed his shorts and underwear, revealing his very erect penis. I followed suit and showed him mine. He then asked me to suck him and proceeded to show me how. I can still remember the smell and taste of his penis to this day. I ended up performing oral on him to completion; he did not reciprocate on me. We wound up doing the same thing 3 or 4 more times with just the two of us. Then one day he invited me over and it was him and a friend (M) his age home alone. He must have told his friend about us, because as soon as I got there, they both got naked, which I then did too. They then had me perform oral on both of them, switching back and forth until both came. Over the next half-year, we had about 10 more encounters; usually, it was just the neighbour, but 2 other times it was him and his friend. Eventually, his parents moved and I never heard from him again.

I feel strange that I have no negative feelings associated with this. Of course, I was completely willing, but I also know I was only 6 which was wrong. In fact, I have really fond memories of the whole thing. I do however wonder how my life may have been different if that had never happened. Would I be less oversexed? Would I be straight instead of bisexual?

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