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Why Do We Have Ear Wax? Things You Never Knew about Ear Wax!

Why do we have ear wax? Things You Never Knew about Ear Wax!

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is the strangest and most unique substance that our body makes. Ear wax, or what doctors call cerumen (is a clingy, sparkling substance created by the wax organs. Wax organs are present in the external piece of your ear canal).

Earwax is a complex mix of things like oils, dead skin cells or trapped dirt. There are two kinds of glands embedded in your ear canal. There are sebaceous glands, which you have all over your body except on your palms and soles of your feet.

They make an oily substance called sebum that’s useful in lubricating the canal. There are specialized sweat glands that you have only in your ears called ceruminous glands. These release more lipids as well as antimicrobial proteins.

The dead skin cells mix with the secretions from these two glands. This helps in the formation of wax. As we talk or chew food, the wax naturally works its way out of your ear canal. So earwax is just the leftovers from your ear’s self-cleaning process.

Purpose of earwax

Ear wax provides protection to your ear from dirt, dust and infections. It also keeps your ear canal moisturized, waterproofed and safe from invaders. Ear wax is 20 to 50 per cent fat. It covers the ear canal to saturate it and ward off disease.

Earwax prevents residue, dirt, and different debris from getting somewhere inside your ear. It works as a means of defence between the external environment and the eardrums.


So, the bottom line is having ear wax is good for you as it protects your ear. But having it in excess is a serious problem for which you need medical help. Always remember not to use any sharp object to clean your ear as this can cause injury to your ear.

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