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Why Do Dogs Love To Ride In Cars? Know The Science Behind Why Your Dog Loves Car Rides So Much!

Why Do Dogs Love To Ride In Cars? Know The Science Behind Why Your Dog Loves Car Rides So Much!

If you have a dog, you would certainly know your dog's reaction, the moment you ask them for a ride, or see you picking up your keys and heading out. They get so excited that they are running around you, jumping, and waiting for you to take them out.

But why do dogs get so excited for a car ride? Just assume this, you have worked so much for the past 4-5 months, and finally, you get a few days off to go on your dream vacation. Every ride for dogs is the same feeling you had.


There have been very little researches, so the researchers came up with a theory of their own. We will list out a few reasons which will answer the why behind it.


Dogs have around 200Million receptacles in their noses in comparison to humans, who only have 50Million. That's why they are so good at sniffing off people. With the car's speed, they are getting so much information about the entire world around them.


Dogs want to go wherever you are going. And by being with you, it is the only security they need. They have a sense of protecting you. They want the same, for you to protect them, to make them feel comfortable and secured.


Riding in a car is an adventure for them, it's like hiking or trekking for humans. The rush of exploring newer places, meeting new people, or maybe dogs, gets them so much excited, which makes them love the rides even more.


When dogs are riding with their pack, everyone sits in a forward position, moving towards the same direction. Seeing all this and the other cars going along as well, makes them feel like they are going on a hunting expedition.

Just like humans, dogs also need to let the heat out. By going out, playing with their humans, running around could do that. Dogs need assurance that you will fulfil their basic needs of food, water, shelter, and security.


Anything that makes dogs happy like car rides could leave them with a positive and good impression, which they want to do repeatedly. But, not all dogs love car rides. Some feel nauseous, some sleep, and the rest hang their heads out the window with their tongues exposed.

With the car rides, dogs get to go outside for a trip, get to play, have an adventure, eat, and spend time with their families. Why wouldn't they love it? Even we love it.

It’s a fact that dogs are the best mammal’s, humans have, but I’d say that we are the lucky ones here.

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