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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tail? Do They Need Attention? Know The Reasons behind it!

Why do dogs chase their tail? Do they need attention? Know the reasons behind it!

What can lift up your mood if you had a bad day? Well, the answer here can be a cute little pup chasing his tail. The sight of a dog chasing behind his own tail can bring a smile on anyone's face and make you fall into fists of laughter. Usually, the ones who have dog pets, especially a pup tend to experience this funny experience many times.

But have you ever wondered why they do so? Is it something serious? Should you see a veteran? Here are some reasons why they actually do it. Let's take a quick check.

Out of Boredom

Most of the dogs tend to chase their tail for fun or just because they are idle and bored. Dogs are alone most of the time. Often they don't find anything to pass their time and start chasing their tails. One can find most of the street dogs doing so when they are actually bored or in a mood to just play. This playful behavior dies down with the growing age of the dogs.

Attention, Please

Everyone loves attention, don't they? Similarly, when your dog feels he is getting no attention he starts to do some of these antics to gain your attention. Pet owners observed that if a dog notices that his particular antics make you laugh or play with him he will usually do it to grab your attention.

Visit the Veteran

If you find your dog chasing after his tail for too long or too long maybe it's a time you should visit a veteran. Many times there are small worms or weeds that may be causing an itching to your dog's tail. It's best to get him checked before it becomes more serious.


With dog breeds like German Shepherd and terriers, it's noticed that they tend to bite their tail even when they grow up, the reasons are still unknown. But a few believe that it may be because owners leave them indoors.

Compulsive Behaviour

Just like people, dogs also suffer from OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). This makes a person have certain thoughts repetitively or do some routines again and again. OCD can turn worse if not treated on time as it may result in your dog biting his tail continuously causing them to self-harm.

It's always best to get your dog checked if this cute behavior turns aggressive and compulsive as if it may lead him to hurt his own self.

This was a small guide to help you know if there is a need to visit a veteran or just to enjoy the cute behavior of your beloved pet. Hope you have found the answer to your question after reading this article.

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