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Why are We Stuck On a Particular Side of the Bed? Know the Psychological Trail Behind it!

Why are We Stuck On a Particular Side of the Bed? Know the Psychological Trail Behind it!

We all live our lives around habits, some of them are good and some of them are bad. But, we never leave them. Some people become slaves of their habits to such an extent that their peers start calling them names.

Habits are so important that they sometimes become a small reason for a huge fight. One such habit is: sleeping on one particular side of the bed. Are you a victim of this bizarre method? Read ahead to know the psychological trail behind it.

Work from Bed

Most people have a fixed side, place, and position of sleeping. It is either, the left, right, or the middle part of the bed. Then after choosing the side, comes the position.

Which side do you face? Is it towards the inside or the outside? Or facing your partner or away from your partner, if you do not sleep alone. We spend almost a third of our day on the bed, and therefore everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible.

And during this time of the pandemic, work from home has become an important aspect of people’s life. And a very significant part of it is “work from bed”. People do it because they are comfortable. Again, it all comes to comfort.

Role of Fear

We discussed two factors till now: habit and comfort. The third factor is fear. We position our whole bed based on a primal fear. A lot of research has done on this. They suggest that people choose to sleep at the side from where all the entrances are clearly visible.

Yet, they make sure they are at a safe distance from them. In this modern society, fear has become a huge part of the human lifestyle. We try to be as safe as possible and also keep our loved ones safe. Most men try to sleep near the door to protect their partner, even subconsciously!

No compromise on convenience

Some people choose their side based on convenience and practicality. Like which side faces the window and lets the sunlight in. Or which side is closer to the bathroom. A couple of steps also make all the difference. Which side is towards the air conditioner or the radiator? Some people like the heat, while some need it.

Parents are concerned about their children. So they want to have to decide which side is closer to the kids’ room and where you can hear them when they need you. And this becomes very important in the case of a newborn baby.

A power source also plays an important role in the selection of sides. Everyone wants a charging socket near them or the switches for the lamp or the fan for that matter. Whatever might be the reason, once a person chooses their side, it is very difficult to change that.

Sleeping sides define you

Which side you choose to sleep on says a lot about you. Polls and surveys suggest that the left side is the “happy side”. People who sleep on the left side seem to wake up more cheerful and happy.

While, people who sleep on the right side, tend to wake up tired and grumpy. There is no specific correct justification for this, but it is true in most of the cases. To deduce the reason why someone chooses a side can be confusing. But, once it is chosen, there is no turning back.

Get rid of your intransigence

The difficulty arises when people who have lived alone move in with someone else. People are not willing to change sides, and they let this difference of opinion come in between their relationship. You should not let a dumb habit cause trouble in your meaningful relationship. Be patient and be open to experimenting.

Keep an open mind. Try to change sides and see if it works. Communicate gently and patiently. If you are not comfortable, talk to your partner about it. Work out a routine that helps both of you. Be open to adjustment. Do not let habits affect your life.


A divided bed is not only a foundation of a happy home, or a happy couple, it is also a natural preference. No one wants to live in a divided home, but when it comes to the bed, everybody is ready to divide and run their territories. The only catch here is to see who is able to do it in such a way that makes everyone happy.

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