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White House Ghosts - Return of Abraham Linkon Ghost to Aave his Country, America! Know the Mystery!

White House Ghosts - Return of Abraham Linkon ghost to save his country, America! Know the Mystery!

There are so many stories about the haunting of the White House, the house of the American presidents. Different types of spirits, such as that of former passed away presidents, pets and prime ministers, are still prevalent.

The most common ghost said to be lingering around, felt, and witnessed by many who dwelled in the house is that of the late president, Abraham Lincoln.

The Letter

One night in 1946, President Harry S. Truman heard a knock about six hours after he went to bed at night. The sound of banging on his bedroom door awakened him. The eerie event had shaken him so much that he had written a letter to his wife.

He wrote about how he was scared by a ghost trying to scare him. He said about it banging his door in the middle of the night. The spirit supposedly also made the sound of footsteps. After investigating, Truman also got to know that no security service was up that night, making Truman even more terrified.

The Hauntings

Along with the political ghosts, the White House has witnessed unsettling scenarios of a different, night time situation. At least that is what the former leaders and their staff members state. Mocking the paranormal activities in the White House is a fascinating subject as the address is also the nation's most famous haunted site.

The sightings include the former President Abraham Lincoln, who appears when the country needs a leader most, a poor young woman who pleads to help her captured mother and a wife who is still doing her laundry.

Additionally, the story also revolves around David Burnes, who sold the land where the White House sits and whose voice has been reportedly heard "I'm Mr. Buuuuurnes".

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln also had his own ghost visits from his son Willie, who died in the White House in 1862 at age 11 of typhoid fever. Mary Todd Lincoln spoke of seeing her son's ghost once at the foot of her bed. After his assassination in 1865, Lincoln joined his son in haunting the house.

First lady Grace Coolidge spoke of seeing him look out a window. Many more cases of sightings were observed over the decades. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was sleeping in Lincoln's former bedroom in 1942.

She heard a knock on her bedroom door in the middle of the night and opened it to see the late president and fainted. Few years before this incident, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had stepped out of his hot bath in that same room when he saw Lincoln by the fireplace.

It is assumed that Lincoln always comes back whenever he feels the country is in need. Apparently, he just glides around the second-floor hallways, bangs on doors, and sometimes stands by windows. Even President Ronald Reagan said that his dog would go into any room except the Lincoln bedroom.

Annie Suratt

Among other stories, the underrated one is about Annie Surratt. Some have reported that her ghost knocks on the front doors, pleading for the release for her mother who was involved in Lincoln's assassination and was hanged.

The Wives

There are also haunting incidents involving two former presidents' wives. Abigail Adams used to live in the White House and often went to the East Room to dry her sheets. Since her death, there have been sightings of her in that area. She walked with her arms stretched out as if holding clean linens.

Dolley Madison has been seen taking care of the garden. Staff members had reported seeing her ghost when they were about to move the Rose Garden to another place. They, later on, they decided to leave it where she wanted it to be.

There were many other strange and eerie occurrences. However, it does not stop the present presidents to refrain from residing in that beautiful, old house.

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