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Website for Daily Use that You Must Bookmark

1. You can listen to radio stations anywhere in the world.

2. A great site for students, it solves algebra, calculus and even chemistry problems!

3. If you live on the road, this could be useful. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

4. Just check off what's in your fridge and the website will spit out a bunch of recipes you can make.

5. Find archived versions of websites from years ago. Also, on you can find a lot of other good stuff like books, movies, etc.

6. Generates background noise to help you while you study and work.

7. Listen to people's voices from all over the world.

8. This website will calculate the best times for you to fall asleep so that you don't wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle.

9. This site will quickly summarize the main points of what is in the Terms of Sevice for numerous websites.



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