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Top 17 Countries with the Most Attractive and Gorgeous Women on the Planet

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholders.” Since childhood, we have come across heart touching quotes stating beauty. Beauty is a virtue that lies in a person and in the way we look at it. Despite these heart touching quotes, visual beauty appeals to everyone.

Wherever people see physical beauty, they are attracted. While we are talking about beauty, we cannot overlook the default beauty created by God. What is your thinking nature? No, we are talking about WOMEN! They’re naturally beautiful, but some countries are considered to have the most beautiful women on the planet.

Here is the list of most attractive and gorgeous women.


They are the nicest people around. It’s their beauty. Super chill and easy to hang out with.

South Korea

Cute, bubbly and poses best for pictures. Besides they have a good sense of humour.


They have their beauty, easily recognizable and hard to pin down, unique in their way.


Straight up gorgeous. Looks like wives of Vikings!


It’s the home to some of the most unpredictable, earthy and charming women. Amazingly beautiful!


A crave for fashion with their distinct accent make most women exotic.

United Kingdom

Super confident, eloquent, charismatic with lovely cheekbones.


Women of Ukraine are unexplainably pretty.


Stunners like Margot Robbie? Living by the beach has its perks! Yeah, you thought right, the right amount of tan.


Sporty and fun-loving. The American women are blessed with their kind of offhand attractiveness.


Sporty, tanned with natural vibes of beaches.


The country hold title for winning the highest number of beauty pageants. Do you need any more info?


Beautiful, exotic with perfectly tanned skin.


Cute, fun and ranked the second in the most wins in the “The Big Four International Beauty Pageants”.


Accents are mixed with their national love for vodka.


Besides being sporty and elegant, the Swedish women have the most beautiful eyes, looking at which one can drown in.


Open-minded, tall and pretty. They accept readily about different world views, which is hard to find. Pretty attractive!

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