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Top 10 Serial Killers of All Time in The World - What Unites Them? Way of Killing? Weapon? Cruelty?

Top 10 Serial Killers of all time in the World - What unites them? Way of killing? Weapon? Cruelty?

The world has seen many serial killers. The list of these people committing inhuman crimes is endless. But then some serial killers have outgrown others

Here are 10 Serial Killers of All Time in the World:

John Wayne Gacy was an American Serial Killer known to the world as the "Killer Clown". He molested and killed at least 33 teenage boys and youthful men. Gacy operated between 1968 and 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. Gacy used to perform at children's hospitals, children's birthday parties, and charitable events as "Pogo the Clown."

Gacy lured unsuspecting children with a promise of work or money before sexually assaulting and murdering them.

Most of his victims got killed either by strangulation using a tourniquet or choking, then buried on his property.

He buried twenty-six of his victims in the crawl house of his home. Three others he consigned to the grave elsewhere in his estate, and the last four got removed from the Des Plaines River.

While convicted of 33 murders, rumor says the actual number is much more.

Gacy got condemned to death on March 13, 1990, and spent 14 years on death row. Later on, Gacy was killed by deadly injection at Stateville Correctional Center on May 10, 1994.

Erzebet Bathory was a Hungarian woman from the noble family of Batory. The Guinness Book of World Records labeled her the most prolific female murderer. The precise no. of her victims are yet not sure about. Bathory got accused of torturing and murdering hundreds of young women between the years 1590 and 1610. The highest number of victims cited was 650.

The most common rumor was that Countess bathed in her victims' blood to keep her beauty and youth. There is no hard evidence of the murders, but the missing cases of young women and their deaths made the picture clear.

In December 1610, Bathory got arrested and imprisoned within Castle of Csejte, in Upper Hungary. She was also accompanied by three of her servants, who tortured and burned at stake. She wasn't put on trial, at Castle of Csejte she died on August 21, 1614.

Andrei Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer also known as The Red Ripper, Butcher of Rostov and the Rostov Ripper. He sexually molested, killed and mutilated over 53 women and children. He was active between 1978 and 1990 in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbek.

He used to kill most of his victims by stabbing and slashing them with a knife. One of his girl victims was only nine years old. He later admitted that he was only able to achieve orgasm by stabbing women which is why he was often tempted to kill women.

Chikatilo got passed sentence and punished to death for 52 of those murders in 1992. Later he got killed by a firing team in 1994.

The Norwegian-American serial killer Belle Gunness got reported the murder of more than 40 people. She operated her crimes between 1884 and 1908 in Illinois and Indiana.

Belle killed most of her husbands and their family members through suspicious fire incidents. These incidents made her the beneficiary of the insurance money. She seemingly died in the fire that happened in 1908 that destroyed her house. But it's believed that she faked her death and disappeared without a trace.

Belle's children had died before the fire occurred due to strychnine poisoning. And the body of the woman that got found next to them was not of Belle Gunness.

When we are talking about serial killers, we can never miss his name. Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who molested, abducted and killed several young women and girls.

He operated between 1974 and 1978 across numerous states in the USA and confided of murdering 30 women. Bundy is still known as one of the most dangerous serial killers of all time. Bundy has escaped prison more than once and murdered many victims on the same day.

Bundy used his charismatic and handsome behavior to gain the trust of his victims. He has beheaded many of his prey and kept their heads as an antique in his flat. At the age of 42, Bundy was killed on an electric chair at Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989.

We have all heard the name, but his true identity is still a mystery. Jack the Ripper was an anonymous serial killer effective around regions in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888.

His victims involved prostitutes belonging to the slum areas whose throats got cut and had internal organs missing. He has killed at least 5 prostitutes. The name "Jack the Ripper" derived from a letter written to a newspaper company by someone alleged to have killed one of the sufferers.

By the method, these victims got murdered. The police said the murderer might have good knowledge of surgery.

The police launched a city-wide hunt for the murderer but never found anyone. Jack, the Ripper, is yet unknown. But there were many anonymous letters sent to Scotland Yard about him. Later on, many novels and movies were made on him.

Henry Howard Holmes, commonly known as HH Holmes, was an American Serial killer. He was an insurance scammer and a pharmacist who build a murder castle in Chicago to assault his victims. He confessed of 27 murders out of which 9 got confirmed, but he is said to have killed more than 200 which are untraceable.

Rumors say that he took many young women into his hotel. He asphyxiated them and then conducted horrific experiments on their bodies. Holmes got executed on May 7, 1986, for the homicide of his friend and associate Benjamin Pitezel. While he was in the trail for Pitezel murder, he confessed of other murders he did.

Jeffrey Dahmer is not only one of the most famous American serial killers but also an extremely deranged person. Jeffrey is also known as Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster who confessed to killing 17 young men and boys. He regulated between 1978 and 1991.

Many times he used to murder his victims and preserved their body parts in the freezer. And sometimes he used to even cook for them. Jeffrey committed his first murder at the age of 17. When he got caught and sent to the trail, he was legally sane.

He got caught eventually after one of his victims who overpowered him. Jeffrey got punished to 15 terms of life confinement in February 1992. On November 28, 1994, he got beaten to expiration by his fellow inhabitant at the Columbia Correctional Institution.

Harold Shipman or also known as "Dr. Death" was an English general practitioner who is one of the deadliest serial killers in known history. Shipman's cumulative number of victims totaled to be almost 250 and more.

After a long investigation of two years of all the demises approved by Shipman, it's formed that 215 were his preys. Most of them were aged women. Shipman used to insert a deadly dose of morphine to each of his targets and alleged they had expired of natural reasons. He got sentenced to life imprisonment but committed suicide on January 13, 2004, in his cell.

Pedro Alonso Lopez is a Colombian serial killer, also known as "The Monster of the Andes." He is one of the most notorious serial killers who are still alive. He has raped and murdered more than 300 girls across Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Most of his victims' ages were between 8 to 12. More than 100 of his victims were tribal girls. Pedro got arrested in 1980 and led the police to the grave of 53 victims. In 1998 he got released from prison due to "good behavior". Still, now no one knows where he is, but he will still remain one of the most dangerous serial killers of all time.

There are many more serial killers in the world. But these made a list because of their extreme crimes and brutal methods used by them. Serial killers like them will always make the world remember who some humans can turn out to be so inhuman.

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