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The Sallie House - Demonic Ritual Traces Found, Experts Confirmed that Spirits are Lurking!

The Sallie House - Demonic Ritual Traces Found, Experts Confirmed that Spirits are Lurking!

The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas, will give you the worst nightmares. This old, pale white, nearly paint-chipped tiny house sits on a quiet residential street. This house has been vacant for quite some time now and is open for self-guided ghost tours. Residents of the area have claimed that the house is different from the other homes in the locality, in many creepy ways.

The Sallie House Story

The house was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The first tenants of the house were a physician and his family. The ground floor of the house was set as his examination, working, and operating office.

In contrast, he and his family lived upstairs on the first floor. One day, a woman came in urgently with her 6-year old daughter, who had fainted due to abdominal pain.

The physician diagnosed her with appendicitis and insisted that they did surgery immediately. He thought that the appendix of the 6-year old would burst really soon. Therefore, he started his operation before the anesthesia could even lick in.

Suddenly, the screams of Sallie stopped, and she fell limp on the operating table. Her last memory was a man trying to painfully torture her by ripping her open.

The Haunting Saga Continues

The house was sold down to many people over the years, and no reports of haunting ever took place until in 1922 when the house was bought by Tony Pickman and his wife, Debra. This place was the topic of coverage by several channels, including The Discovery Channel.

When the production crew would enter the house and start or try recording something, their equipment would abnormally stop functioning, and their batteries would drain out almost every time.

The visitors have experienced many paranormal activities such as the moving of objects, physical touches and attacks, scratches on the body, the physical presence of something extra and mysterious cold areas.

Dogs have barked on the front doors, refusing to go inside and especially near the nursery on the first floor. Experts have confirmed that spirits are lurking in the house and that communication was also done.

Tony and Debra Pickman

Tony Pickman and his wife, Debra Pickman, are the two most influential people in the Sallie House story. Tony Pickman grew up in Atchison in a catholic family. He had a terrifying, bone-chilling experience when he was young. Debra grew up in New York in a wealthy family.

She was interested in paranormal behavior since childhood, but never really experienced it until she entered Sallie House. Reports of haunting started when the young couple moved into the house with their baby and a pet dog. The dog was found growling and barking at nothing near the nursery on the first floor.

Random fires broke out in the house without any trigger. Debra Pickman wrote a book about their family’s stay in the house called ‘The Sallie House Haunting: A True Story.’ In the book, she describes how she always wanted to experience a ghost or a spirit, and that she actually grew in the habit of Sallie’s doings.

Sallie would topple things over, move objects, turn the toys on, .etcetc. One thing that could not be controlled by Debra was Sallie’s habit of starting random fires.

Soon, Tony Pickman was getting attacked nearly all the time. He found random scratches on his body, inanimate objects moving at his approach. The area of the operating table would turn cold suddenly. But one thing to be noticed was that the ghost never hurt the wife or the baby. In fact, the spirit seemed to have a special affection towards the baby.

The couple has claimed to have an anxious feeling whenever they were in the house. Tony also claimed that he felt as though a man was standing behind him, waiting for him and Debra to leave the house, only to find nobody else there. Soon the tragedies seemed to have crossed their limits, and the family left the house with several bruises and scratches after a year.

The Basement

However, many claim that the reason for the house to be infested with such spirits maybe because of some demonic ritual, whose traces have been found in the basement.

A pentagram that is common during satanic rituals was found inscribed on the basement floor of the house after the Pickman family left. However, black spray paint was used to cover the inscription. Not only that, but several other traces of demonic rituals were also found in the house.

Many psychics, visitors and TV producers that have been in the house have said that the house looks pretty harmless from the outside, but is a real nightmare to anyone who enters. Now the house stands still and eerily quiet with occasional noises and is welcome to anyone willing to experience the spirit.

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