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Should You Kiss Or Hug on The First Date? Know What The Experts Say!

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The list of dating rules never ends. Whether you should kiss on the first date or just end it all with a genuine hug. There are different types of hugs. If you are up for a hug, then another list goes on, ‘Types of hugs. ‘ What hugs mean? What is an intimate hug?

Your mind would conflict between two scenarios: “If I kissed, they’d think I’m not looking for something serious” or, “If I do not kiss, they’ll think that I’m not interested in this relationship.”

All this sounds complicated, confusing and, of course, a bit silly.

Dating rules

The only dating rule that should be tattooed on your brain is treating your date with respect. Alongside this, make sure that the data is consensual.

Personal preference

Despite everything, it totally depends on you that either you should kiss or hug on the first date. There different types of hugs; some might show affection others might seem inappropriate.

There are people who prefer to kiss or even sex on the first date because it’s their own choice. They want to match their physical chemistry before committing or going on a second date. Others want to wait until they start to know each other better before getting involved physically. It entirely depends on personal choice, environment or the chemistry between you and your date.

Alternatives to kissing

There are tons of alternatives to kissing on the first date. For example, the handshake. It is the most appropriate greeting for the first meeting until you do it the right way. Avoid making the handshake too long or too tight because it could seem inappropriate.

Avoid actions like a high-five or a fist bump as these seem totally out of place. The classic handshake is fine only for some instances. If you already have feelings for each other or if you have developed good chemistry, then a handshake is way too formal. It doesn’t seem well if you already know your date quite well.

Therefore the best alternative to kissing is a sweet and genuine hug. A hug is totally fine. But what types of hugs are good to go? Keep in mind that it’s a friendly hug. A short and heartfelt one. That’s enough and best. It shows that you were pleased with the encounter with your date.

Why should you kiss?

There could be another possibility. Maybe you are emotional and attached. And you have been looking for a date for quite a long time. In this situation, you tend to kiss on the first meeting itself, which is also totally okay until your partner is okay with it too.

Suppose you have been in contact with each other for quite a long time. Maybe you have met each other via digital platforms. If you already have intense and familiar prior contact with your date, then go for a kiss.


A quick and effective tip for men: Compliment your woman. Notice the tiniest things about her. Complimenting would attract her attention towards you. And then see how smooth it goes.

Noticeable signs

Is a hug inappropriate or not? The answer is in the posture and behaviour of your date. If your date tries to a noticeable distance and offers you a handshake or greets you with a dry “Hello,” then try not to get physically involved. Maybe your date is too shy, reserved or not interested. In these cases, opt for other types of hugs or some other gestures. A quick side hug or a handshake works the best.

Despite all these tips, rules and guesses, authenticity is the key. Welcome your date, the way you feel like. Respect them and stick a genuine smile to your face.

Types of hugs

Likewise, there are types of hugs, and there are types of scenarios too. A few years ago, people used to describe themselves as I’m a ‘hugger.’ Back then, in time, hugging someone was seen as a friendly gesture. With time, things have changed vastly and have shifted a bit. Hugging can sometimes be very offensive and insensitive to another person if it’s without their permission.

People who call themselves ‘huggers’ tend to see the gesture of a hug as warm and welcoming. But what if it’s too inappropriate for the other person. Studies determine that hugging someone boosts your immune system.

Hugging someone right after the very first meeting shows them that you’re kind. It shows that you are very open-minded and friendly.

What hugs mean?

“Anyways, it’s just a hug. How could it be uncomfortable?” you might think. You could think again, “are there types of hugs?”

Here are the two perspectives: When you are up for hugging someone on the first date, look for clues. This is the only way through which you can avoid the unnecessary fuss. Look for the person’s vibes and body posture.

If the person doesn’t seem interested, then stay cautious that the friendly hugs might not turn into intimate hugs because it would result in conflicts between you and your partner.

Hug-friendly surroundings

Sometimes it’s also about the environment and the time around you. For example, if you’re in a workplace, try to hold off. If you’re in a place that is more social, hugging could be okay. But this too has two sides, and the main question is what hugs mean to the other person. If the person keeps distance, start off with a handshake or just a wave but if the person comes towards you with open arms, hug right away.

Try to be careful with intimate hugs. Only go for them if the other person seems comfortable. Keep in mind; different hugs hold different gestures to others.

Monitor the heat of the room that you are in. If no one around you is hugging, keep in mind it’s not the right place to show physical contact. Either make a choice between the types of hugs, go for a side hug instead.

Cultural aspects

Also, keep in mind the cultural guidelines. What hugs mean might differ from culture to culture. There are cultures in which hugging someone is not seen as a very friendly gesture. It might be considered as an invasion of privacy or too sexual. Intimate hugs could be seen as a way to inappropriate to some communities.

Consider different scenarios with different hugs in your mind. Use your common sense and best judgment to judge the person’s gestures sitting in front of you. Try not to offend them by any means. If it seems that they are offended by any action of yours, apologize right away. It would come out as more warm and generous.

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