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Satish: The Bahadurgarh Baby Killer was a Mentally Deranged Sex Pervert

Satish: The Bahadurgarh Baby Killer was a Mentally Deranged Sex Pervert

Satish, infamous by his first name, was a pedophile and a serial killer. His targeting of little girls between the ages of five and nine gave him the name Bahadurgargh Baby Killer.


Bahadurgarh is a district in Haryana, where Satish moved to with his parents after being born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. This is the place where he committed most of his crimes during the years 1995 to 1998, while side-by-side working a job at a tin factory. Satish was described by the police as a “mentally deranged sex pervert” for having committed the crimes that he committed. He was confirmed to have kidnapped, raped, or attempted to rape and murdered twelve girls.

However, the number that he admitted to was higher than what the police thought – he admitted to kidnapping and trying to rape or raping fourteen girls and murdering ten. He recanted his confession later on, but the evidence against him was used to convict him. Satish did not have a specific time or place as to when he would pick up these little girls. The only set thing in his modus operandi was the profile that he was after, that is the profile of little girls.

He kidnapped little girls from their homes, from a wedding reception, from parks, even from the roads. A little girl called Somani, who Satish had picked up in broad daylight near the slipper factory of Bahadurgarh, managed to escape after the pedophile tried to strangle her was the girl who led the police to the downfall of Satish. She was the one who led the police to him.

Initial Suspects:

Satish’s first victim was the daughter of an employee of the Union Home Ministry, 8-year-old Pooja. She was kidnapped by Satish in 1995. Due to her being the daughter of a high ranking officer, the police did not want the case to carry on for too long and just wanted to catch the culprit and get it over with. This worked out well in Satish’s favor because to end matters quickly, a man named Raj Kumar was wrongfully arrested for Pooja’s murder and was made to serve a sentence of 18 months. However, on the night of 11th July 1995, while Raj Kumar was serving his sentence, Satish committed his second offense – sexual assault and murder of 7-year-old Sheetal.

This meant that Raj Kumar was not the real culprit. Amidst the same, there was also a third victim of the same crime on 11th September that year, 5-year-old Karuna. Hence, the police began looking for a serial killer in September, while Raj Kumar was still in prison. Things did not look so great for the police in the ensuing months because Satish went on picking up girls, raping them, and then killing them. Still, the police had no luck or had the bad luck of wrongfully convicting even more individuals.

The situation reached a point where locals came out to protest against the cops for not being able to find the man committing these atrocious crimes. Finally, as protests became bigger in numbers, reaching the point where locals were organizing strikes, eventually, an intellectually disabled man named Ram Babu was arrested in the early months of 1996 for the rapes and murders of little girls around Bahadurgarh. Satish, however, had not had his fill of crime yet. While Ram Babu served his sentence, Satish was in the process of committing more murders. In this time, he killed more children, which clearly indicated that Ram Babu was not the real culprit, either. This, still, was not the end of it. Another man named Shankar Kumar was arrested on 10th July 1997 for the murder of 7-year-old Manju. While this murder was the doing of Satish, the police arrested Shankar Kumar in a hurry to calm the locals down, who were still protesting and angry as ever.

Satish continued the same way as before, raping and murdering more girls. At the same time, there were three people already in custody for what he had done. Eventually, the district of Bahadurgarh was swarming with police, as the conditions were reaching near-riot levels at the level of the locals. People were furious – first off, a serial child rapist and murderer was roaming the streets. On top of that, the police weren’t able to catch him, only three others that had nothing to do with any of those crimes.


Satish took almost a year off from his horrendous activities, afraid of how full the city was of policemen. November 1998 was when Satish had picked up Somani, the 6-year-old who finally led Satish to the police.

She was found in a dry flood control channel by a man who took her to the nearest police station. She gave them all the details she could about Satish, that he had dark skin and a thin beard, and that he also rode a bicycle. He was picked up at the factory where he worked and was later sentenced to life imprisonment.

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