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Ravinder Kumar: A Story of Child Rapist and Killer who Indulged in Necrophilia with the Bodies

Ravinder Kumar: A Story of Child Rapist and Killer who Indulged in Necrophilia with the Bodies

Ravinder Kumar was a child rapist and killer. He targeted children of badly-off families. In his lifetime, he confessed to killing more than 30 children, out of which he was convicted of about 15 of them.

Kumar operated in the areas of Delhi in India, some parts of Haryana and Western parts of Uttar Pradesh in India. In his confession, he stated that he never visited the same area more than once and generally committed his crimes in the afternoon or early mornings. Kumar told the police that sometimes the village authorities arranged for public screenings of different movies ranging from Hollywood movies such as The Mummy to blue films. He confessed the criminal activities narrated in the movies supplied him with ideas for his illegal activities.


Kumar was born in 1991 in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, and began his killing spree when he was about 17 years old, in the year 2008. He confessed to having picked up the daughter of a laborer from one of the Delhi Metro construction sites.

Kumar then took her to an isolated spot, raped her, killed her, and dumped her body. No reports were filed about the disappearance of the girl. Hence, there was no investigation, either. In this way, Kumar got off scot-free, and this gave him the motivation and gusto to do the same thing to other children too.

Following this, Kumar fearlessly went on to murder many dozens of more children. He mostly targeted children who were out in the open by themselves, relieving themselves in nearby fields – those whose homes did not have inbuilt toilets. His second crime was in the year 2009. Kumar kidnapped the son of another laborer from Vijay Vihar in Delhi. The boy was sodomized and strangled, and although a case was registered for the boy, lucky for Kumar, there were no witnesses or any evidence that was enough to get him into any trouble.

Kumar admitted to having killed about 11 children when they refused to let him sexually assault them. He then proceeded to indulge in acts of necrophilia with the bodies of these children. Some sources say that Ravinder Kumar even had some accomplices. Still, he mostly operated alone, committing his obnoxious, drugged-up, or drunk crimes on his own. He would often go out searching for his victims after drinking or injecting or smoking drugs.

A turn of events came in the year 2014 when a boy that Kumar was “done with” was dumped by him in a septic tank, thinking him as dead. The boy, however, was not dead and was rescued by the police. Kumar was arrested but let go of when the victim was unable to identify him.


However, Kumar was once again picked up by the police on the 16th of July 2015 for the sexual assault and murder of a 6-year-old girl in Begumpur. The interrogations that followed his arrest are the interrogations where all of Ravinder Kumar’s truths came spilling out. After his conviction, when Kumar was asked by a journalist if he thought what he did was wrong, he answered truthfully. He told her that he did believe that what he did was wrong, and he always regretted it.

Still, the next day he would get intoxicated again and end up on the hunt for another child to do it again. It’s as though he had no control whatsoever over anything that he was doing. He was also being checked out by psychiatrists to find out whether he was mentally sound. Kumar’s parents were in denial as to what he had done and refused to believe that he could do such things. Often, mentally unstable people seem soft and sweet on the outside. Still, they are dangerous when they reveal their true colors. While his true colors were never exposed to his parents, the world knows who Ravinder Kumar is now, and what he’s done.

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