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Raped by the Guy that I Thought was Helping Me

Raped by the Guy that I Thought was Helping Me #MeToo

For context, I'm a 25 yr old woman. From the ages of 13 - 15, I lived with my narcissistic, bipolar, religious fanatic father who would beat me daily. My mum was ill and lived 100 miles away, didn't have many friends at the time and was alone.

He had a friend who I got on well with, I would go round to his to escape. Nothing happened for a while until he starting offering drugs and alcohol. Stupidly I took them to escape and passed out one time. Woke up to him having sex with me and when I tried to scream he gagged me.

He said he'd tell my dad I'd been doing drugs ( I was terrified of being beaten) if I said anything. So I didn't. I still saw him regularly and still had sex if he wanted it because I was scared he'd tell my dad.

I just feel so ashamed and needed to let it out.

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