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Raman Raghav: Pshyco Killer who Demanded Chicken Curry to Open Mouth about his 41 committed Murder

Raman Raghav: Pshyco Killer who Demanded Chicken Curry to Open Mouth about his 41 committed Murder

Raman Raghav has always been one of the most essential Sections of Indian criminal history. However, his insensibility and story of terror preceded his reputation. The city of Mumbai renowned for its sleeplessness was put to sleep early.

The slum dwellers who never hesitated to sleep on the pavements were forced to seek hiding places. Mumbai police, who had the upper hand in grabbing the underworld by the throat, felt short at hand while solving the mysterious murder cases led by Raman Raghav.


Raman Raghav belonged to the city of Mumbai in India, went on two killing sprees about two or so years apart. He was a serial killer who went by several aliases, Anna, Sindhi Dalwai, Talwai, Thambi, and Veluswami. In his first murder frenzy, Raman attacked 19 homeless people in the dead hours of the night with large, blunt objects, while the 19 were fast asleep. Out of these nineteen people, ten were left seriously injured, and nine victims had died.

Raman himself was homeless and lived on the streets. All this happened in the Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai and went on during the two years of 1965 and 1966. Before 1965, Raman had previously been arrested and jailed five years for a robbery he committed. In 1966, there was minimal evidence that he was the one who attacked those nineteen homeless people, and so he was let go. In 1968 came the second time Raman went around murdering people left, right and center. This time, it happened in the outskirts of Mumbai, following the same modus operandi – homeless people were being bludgeoned to death with big, blunt objects. A manhunt ensued for Raman, headed by a Mumbai detective named Ramakant Kulkarni.


Raman was captured as part of the manhunt and was arrested. He was found with bloody clothes and muddy shoes, with a small number of belongings with him, such as incense stick holder, some soap, a pair of scissors and other vague and unrelated objects. Even after he was arrested and interrogations began, he refused to talk or give any information to the police. Raman had made it extremely clear to the police that there was no amount of torture they could inflict on him that would make him talk... what he wanted in exchange for opening his mouth was a hot meal of chicken curry.

The police did not know what else to do but to give in, and so, Raman got his beloved chicken curry, and soon after, his confession came pouring out.

Raman Raghav was a Schizophreniac?

He confessed, killing around a total of 41 people. He took the police on a trip to show them where all he had killed people, and he also guided them to the location where his crowbar was hidden. Before his first trial, he had been tested by psychiatrists.

He had been declared of sound mind, who did not show any symptoms of psychosis or mental retardation. However, another psychiatrist, who acted as a defense witness during his trials, came to find that Raman had symptoms of chronic paranoid schizophrenia, accompanied by delusions of grandeur and prosecution. He truly believed that the world wants him to convert from a man into a woman, and to make him homosexual so that he would be like a woman. He also believed the government(s) (he believed there were three governments – Akbar, British and Congress governments) that were making him commit crimes so they could persecute him and tempt him to do things he didn’t want to do.

He was completely paranoid with the belief that the world wanted him to turn into a woman. So he kept chanting that he is a 101% man, during his interrogations. The judge, in his case, reduced his sentence to a life imprisonment sentence, due to the condition of his mental illness of schizophrenia. While serving his time at Yerwada Prison in Pune, Raman Raghav passed away in 1995 at the age of 75, due to kidney failure at Sassoon Hospital, Pune.

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