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Myrtles Plantation - House of Fifteen Ghosts and Scary Evil Noises in America that May Haunt You!

Myrtles Plantation, Fifteen ghosts, Evil Noises

Situated in St Francisville, Louisiana, many people know the Myrtles plantation as the house featured in an episode of 'Ghost Hunters' back in 2005. The Myrtles house is a refuge for nearly fifteen ghosts according to the locals.

Even when the production crew of 'Unsolved Mysteries' tried to shoot the premises in 2001, their production crew had to face several technical errors. Nearly ten deaths have occurred in the house, although the locals say that there were more.

The Fire

Some may even find the house familiar due to its appearance in the news about the fire. The fire took place in the restaurant associated with the plantation. The St. Francisville Fire Chief stated that it was a "very labor-intensive" process to take control of the fire.

The restaurant fire gained a lot of attention as it was associated with The Myrtles, titled as America's most haunted plantation. In 2014, another fire took place that caused the house to burn to the ground. The fire broke out in the gift shop, just feet away from the haunted house. According to the fire rescuers, the fire was due to electrical problems.

Chloe, The Slave

Now, many legends and stories revolve around the house. One of the famous legends is the girl with a green turban that haunts the place. The green turbaned girl was identified as Chloe, a slave who lived with the Woodruff family.

According to legends, she was caught eavesdropping on Woodruff's business work, and therefore, her one ear was cut off as punishment. She tied her head with a green turban to cover it. She tried to poison the Woodruff family with poison supposedly, but that did not work pretty well. Therefore she was hanged and thrown into the Mississippi River.

However, records do not show any sign of the Woodruff family owning any slaves. Later on, it was known that the Woodruff family had passed away not due to poisoning, but due to yellow fever. Another legend is about the ghost of a young Native American woman. During the Civil War, when soldiers ransacked the house, three people were killed in the house.

There is a bloodstain in a doorway, surprisingly the size of a human body, that will supposedly not get cleaned. A mirror located in the house is said to hold the spirits of Sara Woodruff and two of her children, who are occasionally seen or leave handprints in the mirror.

The Blackmagic Practitioner

The plantation is also reportedly haunted by a young girl who died in 1868, who was owned by a black magic practitioner. She is said to appear in the room in which she died and has been reported to practice black magic on people sleeping in the room.

William Winter

There is also a ghost who crawls up the stairs and stops on the 17th step. Legends have mentioned this to be the spirit of William Winter. He was supposedly shot on the porch of his house, and crawled up to the stairs, only to collapse and die on the 17th step.

Ghost Adventures

According to what was shown in the 'Ghost Hunters' episode, show hosts Zak, Nick and Aaron head to investigate the plantation. They try interacting with the spirit of Chloe, the slave. They wanted to do some "voodoo" before entering the place, but their tour guide, who was also a black magic practitioner, refused to do so.

The locals or the guide were not letting on anything they knew of and were hesitant in many ways. Anyhow, the hosts got their fair share of experiencing paranormal activities in the house. It first started with residual Noise, door slamming sounds, noises, a man groaning, moaning in agony, door rattling, etc.

Then the spirit box voices muttering "behind you," "yeah," and "Winter." Shortly after that, the equipment started malfunctioning when the door was rattling, causing the X camera to stop recording. They saw apparitions.

The thermal imaging camera picked up the dark mass at the other side of the room at the same time the door was rattling, and the X camera malfunctioned. As Nick turned away from a ball that was in the house, the ball fell down the stairs on its own, hitting the X camera that was capturing the moment.

Of course, this place has to be one of the most haunting places in America. Although this does not stop the people who would want to experience the strange happenings. People who have experienced their share of spook, have revealed that the place indeed is haunted and that one can feel the energy lurking around them.

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