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My Colleague Molested Me in a car: "I Was Just About to Rape You"

I had just started working at Disneyland as a Park Greeter Cast member (the people who scan your tickets at the front). I had been working there for a week or two and started to make new friends with the people I worked since we were always right next to someone else. It gave us a lot of time to get to know people. I started to get to know one cast member, in particular, let’s call him Alex. Alex and I worked together all the time and we made it a point to clock in together and hope we got turnstiles next to each other. Everyone used to make jokes about us dating and we would just laugh about it. Until one day he came up to me while I was working and told me he had feelings for me. I was excited because he was a very attractive guy. I had been interested in him from the beginning.

Over the next couple of days, we would hang out on breaks. One day he even came into the park as a guest, not working, and met me by the entrance to backstage and kissed me before rushing off to find his friends in Adventureland. A few weeks of this went by and finally, I invited him to go on a hike with me in my home town. We both loved nature so I figured it would be a fun way to hangout. We drove to the area of the trails and he parked the car, he then leaned over and kissed me which I didn’t think was all that weird, we were practically dating at this point. Then he started to get a lot more aggressive and I started to get a little concerned. Next thing I know my seat was leaned all the way back with him on top of me kissing me and trying to do other things. I started yelling no and for him to stop which he didn’t until I hit him with something I found in his car maybe a hat or something.

The next words that came out of his mouth still are so clear in my head. He looked at me with wide eyes and just said “oh my god I almost just raped you. I was just about to rape you.” I then told him that I was going to get a ride from a friend home and that he needed to leave. I got out of his car and texted my friend that only lived about 5 minutes away. I guess he changed his schedule at work because for the next 5 months before I left I never worked with him again. Everyone asked what happened and I just said: "I don't know". But to the Cast member from hell... let’s not meet again.

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