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Maurizio Minghella: Killed Prostitutes And Mutilated Their Bodies, Which Worked As Arousal For Him!

Maurizio Minghella: Killed Prostitutes And Mutilated Their Bodies, Which Worked As Arousal For Him!

Maurizio Minghella, known by all as the most deadly and ferocious Italian serial killer. He killed prostitutes and mutilated their bodies, which worked as a means of arousal for him.

Minghella Childhood:

Minghella was born on 16 July 1958, in Genoa. He faced various humiliations during his childhood which is seen as a possible cause for his actions in the future. When he was six years old, his mother divorced his father. She took the responsibility of raising her five children all by herself. Soon she remarried, but his step-father was a violent man who used to repeatedly beat the entire family. Minghella used to loathe his father. During one of the interrogations, he said that his step-father was an alcoholic who used to beat them. He often had dreams of killing this violent man by strangling him with a rope. It is suggested that his dreams become manifested in the way he used to kill the prostitutes which were often by strangling them. At school, he couldn't pass the second grade. Even at the age of twelve, he was attending the first grade. His teachers regularly complained that he took onto his peers by the neck and dragged them while grabbing their noses and mouths.

He dropped out of school and started doing small jobs like being tiller, in addition to stealing scooters and motorbikes which he later sold. His passion for disco earned him the name 'The Travolta of Polcevera'. He was also passionate about boxing, however, after being beaten to death during a match, he decided to leave boxing altogether. The death of his brother in a car crash left a profound impact on Minghella. He got married to the 15-year-old Rosa Manfredi who lived on psychotic drugs. His marriage didn't last long as his wife died after drug overdose due to the trauma of miscarriage. This also left a traumatizing effect on Minghella. After that, he began to develop an attraction for the dead.


On 18 April 1978, a twenty-year-old prostitute named Anna Pagano was found dead by some shepherds in Genoa. Minghella killed her by smashing her head and thrust a ball-point pen in her anus. He also wrote 'Brigade Rosse' on her back. Three months later on 8 July, he killed Giusepinna Jerardi, in the same way, hid her body in the Sant' Olcese comune. On 18 July he killed Maria Catena Alba who was 14 years old. The next day on 19 July in a clearing that was on the edge of the Brevenna Torrent. Her body was found naked, tied to a tree with the help of a garrotte. On the night of 22 August, he killed the 21-year-old Maria Strambelli who was a saleswoman from Bari. Her body was discovered on the outskirts of Genoa, three days after her disappearance. His next victim was a 19-year-old Wanda Scerra whom he raped and strangled to death on the 28 November in the same year. Her body was found in an escarpment near the Genoa-Milan highway. Sexually humiliating and killing women worked as a means of arousal for Minghella. Many psychologists also believed that his cruel treatment towards women could also be attributed to the fact that during his childhood years, he could never be close to his own mother. Minghella was finally arrested on the night of 5 and 6 December. He confessed that he murdered Scerra and Strambelli however, he denied committing the murders of others. However, after careful investigation, he was found guilty of the crimes he was accused of.

On 3 April 1981, he was sentenced by the court for life imprisonment for homicides, at the maximum-security prison in Porto Azzurro. At the age of 37 in 1995, he received semi-liberty. He was then transferred to the Vallette prison in Turin. He became a carpenter after being rehabilitated in the recovery community of Luigi Ciotti from 17 to 22. He once again started on his mania of killing women. In 1997 he murdered Loredana Maccario who was a sex worker. In May he killed Fatima H'Didou, a Moroccan sex worker who was raped and then strangled. He gave in to this madness and killed many sex workers after this. His next victim was Albanian Floreta who was living in Rivoli, Turin and was killed on 14 February 1998. On 30 January 1999, he killed Cosima Gina who was also a sex worker. He strangled her with a scarf. The 27-year-old Florentina Tina Motoc was murdered in 2001. Her face and head were brutally injured. On analyzing the evidence left at the various murder sites, it led to the arrest of Minghella on 7 March 2001.

Death of Minghella:

He was once again sent to the Vallette prison where he tried to escape once through the laundry room but failed to do so. He was then sent to the Biella prison. On the morning of 2 January 2003, he was hospitalized in the emergency room of the town, where he escaped through the bath. However, he was recaptured the same day around 10 p.m. He was then sentenced for life imprisonment on 4 April 2003 and is still serving his sentence. His actions showed the brutality he inflicted on women.

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