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M. Jaishankar: Serial Rapist and Killer who Picked up Women from Road and Raped Till Her Death

M Jaishankar: Serial Rapist and Killer who Picked up Women from Road and Raped Till Her Death

M. Jaishankar was one of the biggest nightmares of a criminal that could be. With a face that looked like it was meant to haunt your dreams, he was a serial rapist and killer. He picked up women from wherever he wanted and raped them multiple times that by the time he finally killed them, the women would already be lifeless. It all started in the year 2008.


M. Jaishankar came from a village in Salem, Tamil Nadu and drove a truck to earn a living. He often picked up sex workers from dhabas and women from farms, both off the highway, then raped and killed them all. The first instance of his criminal activity was on 3rd July 2008, when he attempted to sexually assault and murder a 45-year-old P.

Shyamala. Within the next month, by August 2008, Jaishankar had somehow managed to murder twelve different women and rape six. On 23rd August, he raped a constable stable, a woman named M Jayamani. After her body was found in September, the police went on a manhunt. It ended with Jaishankar getting caught and being sent to Coimbatore Central Prison.

During his conviction, M. Jaishankar confessed how much he enjoyed torturing his victims before he raped them. Two years after Jaishankar’s first conviction came to his first escape, on 17th March 2011. While being escorted back from a trial, Jaishankar escaped near Salem Bus Stop.

One of the officers in charge of M. Jaishankar on that day went on and shot himself 2 days later. From Salem, he made his way to Bellary, Karnataka, and proceeded to rape and kill six more women over the next month or so. Adding to this, Jaishankar also murdered a man and a child in 2011. The police attempted to trace Jaishankar’s mobile phone but were unsuccessful.

Imprisonment and Death of M. Jaishankar

M. Jaishankar's second arrest occurred after he tried to rape a woman working by herself in a field. Still, her husband and some other villagers came to her rescue and handed him over to the police. This was on 5th May that year.

Following his second arrest, he was now kept in Bangalore’s Central Jail, Parappana Agrahara Jail after being sentenced to 27 years in prison. He was being given psychiatric treatment at the Bangalore prison. This prison had an inner wall of 20 feet, another wall of 15 feet and then a 30-foot tall compound wall with an electric barbed wire on top of it. Jaishankar, however, on 1st September 2013, managed to escape from this prison too. It is no wonder that M Jaishankar was also known as Psycho Shankar.

The police thought that M. Jaishankar had some sources on the inside who helped him out, because the cameras that night were apparently not working, neither was the electricity in the barbed wire. Police believed that Jaishankar had attained a spare key to his cell, with the help of someone on the inside. Eleven jail staff members were suspended after this.

While jumping the 30-foot wall, M. Jaishankar broke his knee. In this condition, he still managed to run about. Posters were put up all over South India, in different languages - Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Hindi; red alerts issued to police stations all over Karnataka and women were urged to be extremely wary of this dangerous, mentally unstable criminal who had escaped once again.

Five days after the escape, a police informant managed to get him to meet up with him near Kudlu Gate, not too far from the Central Jail itself, and he was then taken back to the prison.

Jaishankar was first treated at Victoria Hospital for his broken knee, then taken back to the Central Jail. Here, he was kept in a high-security cell with 24/7 CCTV surveillance as well as extra lights.

When he tried planning his third escape, he was sent to solitary confinement, where he slit his own throat with a blade he’d gotten from the barber the day before. The guards on duty found Jaishankar lying in a pool of blood around 2:30 on the morning of 27th February 2018. They provided then first aid, admitted at Victoria Hospital and was declared dead at 5:10 am.

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