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Know the Spooky Stories of Mukesh Mills: Haunted Ground for Restless Spirits

Know the Spooky Stories of Mukesh Mills: Haunted Ground for Restless Spirits

India’s Mumbai, is the city that never sleeps, the city with beautiful architecture and clubs. But even in this city, there are some areas which are forgotten and remembered for their conditions and for being deserted a long time ago. One such place is the Mukesh mills which are quite famous because of the haunted picture it creates and the haunted stories connected to it.

The Mukesh mill has a very interesting history and many haunted stories connected to it. The mills were first established by Muljibhi Madhvani, the owner of East African Hardware Ltd. in the 1870s. Some conflicting information states that the British East India Company was behind the establishment of the mill. It was the only mill at the time in the South Bombay (Mumbai) which was built on the Arabian Sea Shore of Colaba Region with private docks so that ships and boats could unload the bales of cotton as well as load yards of finished clothing.

Later during around 1975, the 10-acre property underwent entire renovation but unfortunately, went out of business within a few years after the renovation. The Mill was suddenly struck by a tragedy in 1982 when it was forced to close down due to a disastrous fire. However, the reason for the fire remains unexplained. Since then it was abandoned and the idea of renovating it again and running it again was also discarded.

Until a few years ago the place was lost and not recognized until a film director got intrigued by it and decide to direct a horror film in it. The cast and crew settled around it and decided to shoot in the area but soon they started encountering paranormal activities at the set. Nowadays many actors and directors started avoiding the area for shooting due to various events such as shadowy figures, disembodied footsteps, strange sounds and feeling of being watched.

One of the most famous horror stories of this old mill is when an actress shooting at the mill started behaving strangely and warned the crew members to leave the place immediately in a manly voice. The crew got scared and decided to leave the place so that the spirit is not angered further. The crew packed up hurriedly for the day and ensured not to return to the place again. It is believed that the actress was possessed by the spirit of a man.

Another such story is narrated by one of the watchmen at the mill. When at the end of his duty he was closing the gates of the mill and as soon as the watchman stepped out the boundary of the mill he heard some kind of sweet music coming from inside the mill. He felt strange as he knew that neither there were scheduled shooting happening that day nor was anyone present at the mill at that time.

He even saw someone smoking inside the mill. But was too scared to go inside and check. The incident was never confirmed.

Another popular haunting story of the mill includes children shooting in the same place. During one of the shoots in the mill, a 10-year old girl on the set started behaving strangely, after some time she started moving her body in a strange way. After that, she began rolling around on the ground with her hands turned back as if she was possessed.

Seeing this everyone along with other children were scared and started crying and the shoot was cancelled. Later the father of the possessed child said that as soon as they left the premise of the mill the girl came back to normal and started behaving as if nothing happened.

It is believed that the Mukesh Mill is haunted by a restless spirit of a man who used to work in the mill at some point of time and died a tragic death while working and hence is always roaming around in this deserted area. But no one knows for sure whether the spirit roaming around the mill's area is a man or not and where it came from? The mystery of this spirit is still unknown. How did he die? What is the reason for his spirit to still be around and from how long ago is the spirit from?

Another such mystery of the mill is the sudden fire which destroyed the mill 1982. There are many mysteries regarding the Mukesh Mill of Mumbai.

It has gathered the attention of many paranormal activities performers to find the cause of the restlessness of the spirit and why it is not allowing anyone to enter the premises of the mill? What does the spirit want? The paranormal activities performers are trying to enter and find the answer to all of the above questions.

Till date, the mysteries surrounding the Mill is still not solved. The mysteries regarding it are only increasing as more people are interested in it and as the spirit is warning them against entering the area. Hopefully one day we will get the answers to all these mysteries.

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