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Kehoe Haunted House Savannah: Scariest Haunted Hotel where an Entire Ghost Family Haunts the Guests!

Kehoe Haunted House Savannah: Scariest Haunted Hotel where an entire Ghost family haunts the Guests

Victorian houses always seem to have something creepy about them. Whether it’s the glaring portraits or the creepy vibes, no one is ever comfortable in these houses. Savannah is the number one haunted place in Georgia, USA, but the Kehoe house is the most haunted of them all.


The house, which was built for William Kehoe and his family, is well-known for being the most haunted house in Savannah, especially after the deaths of Kehoe’s children.

William Kehoe, in 1842, at the age of 10, along with his parents and seven other siblings immigrated to America from County Wexford, Ireland. With the other Irish immigrants, the Kahoe family settled in the Old Fort District of Savannah.

William started working as a probationer in an iron foundry and soon started working as a manager. Eventually, he bought the foundry, which was then located east of Broughton Street. After the First World War, William built a new foundry on the riverfront and soon was famous as one of the most successful and prominent businessmen of Savannah.

William married Anne Flood in 1868 and started a family. They first settled on the Columbia Square, 123 Habersham Street. With the growth of his business family, William built a larger and more stately home and purchased the southern half of the Historic District as he was very fond of the location and built his house diagonally across the street for $950. Kahoe spent $25,000 for building the house which was designed by DeWitt Bruyn.

The house was completed in May 1892, whereupon the Kahoe couple along with their ten children moved into their new home. Kahoe along with his family lived there until the 1930s, which was then used as a boarding house and funeral parlour. After NFL legend Joe Namath purchased the residence briefly in the 1990s, he restored it to its previous elegance after it was converted to a four-star-bed-and-breakfast.

They lived in that house for several years till their death. After that, it was converted into a bed and breakfast. Guests have often reported all sorts of ghost events happening during their time of stay. It is no coincidence since two of Kehoe’s children died in that very same house, their ghosts seem to still lurk within the walls of the house.

Death of Williams:

There have been various stories regarding the circumstances around their deaths. One of the stories is quite famous despite it being debunked and dismissed multiple times.

The story goes that that two of Kehoe’s children, twin boys, were stuck in the chimney and were unable to escape. Their mother soon realized their disappearance and look for her children everywhere, but she was unable to find them.

A few hours later, a horrible stench filled the house and she went to investigate the source. Her investigation led her to the chimney where, to her horror, found the dead bodies of her children. However, this was not true. Yes, the family had lost two kids, but they were two girls, close in age, who died due to Roseola.

Friendly Ghosts:

Till date, it is said that the ghosts of the deceased kids still haunt the house, however, they are quite friendly. People have often reported ghostly apparition of twin girls with blue eyes and blonde hair, staring at them from the foot of the guest bed. Some have even heard sounds of giggling and whispering from the top floor. People have termed them to be residual haunting.

Of all the guest rooms in the Kehoe house, rooms 201 and 203 are the most active. Paranormal activities seem to be very high in these rooms. Lights keep flickering and the doorknobs open on their own despite being locked firmly.

Windows also open randomly, even if there is no wind. The doorbell also rings at random times, even though no is standing outside the house. These incidents are believed to be the work of those mischievous ghosts.

One constant tale that has remained with the house for many years, is the tale of Mr Kehoe and his wife Mrs Annie. Annie is quite often referred to as the “Lady in White”. She is often seen on the second floor, writing letters on her desk.

Apparently, she spent her last few days on that floor. She is a very active spirit, who awaken guests with her presence. She makes it a point to make her presence well-known to all the guests. Sometimes, she is found sitting on the edge of the bed. Nowadays, she can be found on the third floor, visiting her grandchildren.

On the other hand, Mr Kehoe’s ghost sticks around his house in order to guard his property. Once, he opened all the locks and doors in one go. The real reason behind this is unknown. These are some of the ghostly experiences at the house. Some of its guests have also experienced mysterious smells of perfume, that was used back in 1800.

These smells are often found wafting their way through the hallways and the bedrooms. Few guests recall being woken up by unseen forces, touching their face or their body. They reported that some ghostly phenomena seemed to touch or carcass them when they are asleep. Sometimes, they are grabbed by their arms or legs, and dragged from their beds, only to be put down harshly on the floor.

Despite its eerie nature, it is said the ghost is of a friendly nature. Mrs Annie’s ghost often wanders the house taking care of its guests and even kissing them on their cheeks. Occasionally, Mr Kehoe also opens the front door or unlock random doors.

Giggling and whispering sounds are heard, and footsteps can be heard, running up and down the stairs. Sometimes, the luggage or toys brought by the visitors will move on their own.


All the owners of the house have agreed that the ghosts of the house were there for their comfort and were quite friendly. Despite its horrific past, it continues to serve as a peaceful place for both guests and ghosts alike.

Contrary to how scary ghosts are, these ghosts seem to be on the friendly side. Safe to say, in this house, all guests will be taken care of, both by its staff and ghosts.

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