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K.P. Jayanandan: Cold-Blooded Murderer who Nicknamed as Ripper for his Brutal Method of Killing

K.P. Jayanandan: Cold-Blooded Murderer who Nicknamed as Ripper for his Brutal Method of Killing

K.P. Jayanandan was born in the small town of Mala in the district of Thrissur in Kerala, India. Later in life, he turned out to become one of the most brutal criminals, so cruel that he was nicknamed Ripper Jayanandan, or just “Ripper”.

He followed the following Modus Operandi: he broke into people’s houses, murdered them in cold blood and robbed them of all the wealth they had stored in that house. In his lifetime, Ripper Jayanandan conducted about 35 robberies and in those robberies, killed several people.


The first of Ripper’s many major crimes was breaking into the house of a 45-year-old man named Jose near Mala in 2003 while he was sleeping to rob him. In the process, the Ripper simply took a crossbar and hit the sleeping victim with it and ran off with a total of Rs.17,000 as well as a video cassette player.

In the year that followed, he went on to kill a 51-year-old Nabeesa, two young women Fousiya and Noorjahan with two children who were also in the house. Ripper’s first and second attacks were in and around Mala, his home district. However, he decided to move to another closeby district for his third attack. He robbed and murdered an elderly couple, Kalapurackkal and Nirmala Sahadevan in the district of Mathilakam.

By now, he had stolen the money from his first robbery and a little bit more than eleven sovereigns of gold from the third. He got another 18 sovereigns worth of gold from robbing another couple, Aravindaksha and wife Omana Panicker in the district of Kodungallur in 2004 itself.

However, he refrained from killing this couple, but they were both left seriously injured. In the year 2005, Ripper targeted an outlet of Kerala State Beverages Corporation as his next destination for a robbery – he killed the security guard of the outlet.


Ripper was caught by the police when the daughter and son-in-law of one of the victims saw him escaping through a window. The police captured Ripper Jayanandan and sent him to prison for the crimes that he could be convicted for.

He was accused of 7 murders and the 35 robberies, and for these crimes, in 2008 he was awarded a death penalty. He was sent to Poojapura Central Jail in Trivandrum to await his execution. The tables, however, turned in the June of 2013 for Ripper Jayanandan and a few of his buddies in jail. He managed to somehow escape the prison where he was held.

Escape from Prison:

But unfortunately, the cunning Ripper along with some others cut through the padlocked cell door using a hacksaw blade that he attained from one of the treacherous guard officers in prison, and were able to climb atop the comparatively low wall of the prison, over the barbed wire using sheets they picked up from clothing lines within the prison compound and scale the wall down to the ground and runoff. This came as a greatly shameful experience for the police and the officers at the prison. A place that houses dangerous criminals must always be on high alert security. However, it was not. On the night of their escape, the CCTV cameras were not working, which made it impossible to detect how they all escaped unless they tell the authorities themselves. Ripper was found waiting for a bicycle repairman to repair his cycle, just a few kilometers away from his home district. He was arrested and was taken back to the prison where he is still waiting for his execution.

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