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Giorgio Vizzardelli: Youngest Serial Killer of Italy to Serve Life Imprisonment

Giorgio Vizzardelli: Youngest Serial Killer of Italy to Serve Life Imprisonment

The name Giorgio Vizzardelli is famous because this boy was the youngest ever to have been serving a life sentence in Italy. An idolizer of Al Capone, one of America’s biggest gangsters, suffered through major headaches after having experienced a terrible earthquake.


Giorgio lived in a town called Sarzana with his family. His father was the director of the place’s Register Office (or the Income Tax Office of today and other sites), and he was not too naughty but not always out of trouble either. Two hobbies that Giorgio had developed were distilling liquor and shooting guns. He partook in the sticky process of making liquor at home, and he had guns, too.


One day, it so happened that Giorgio had burned up some maps, and the rector of his school, Umberto Bernadelli, had slapped the boy for the same. A few days later, Umberto turned up dead.

Investigators thought that it may have been an angry husband who had come to take his dues, as he was a known womanizer of the area. However, this story did not check out because the guardian of the school, Andrea Bruno, was also murdered that same night.

Essentially, the first time that Giorgio killed someone, he actually killed two. In the process, he even acquired 50,000 lire from the rector before he shot him to death. He was, however, not caught for it.. yet. An innocent boy was taken into custody for this crime, but was let go and personally pardoned and rewarded by Benito Mussolini, Il Duce, 25,000 lire as compensation after finding out that the boy had a rock-solid alibi.

Again, it was assumed that it had been an angry husband who ended up having to kill the guardian as well, to eradicate any witnesses from the scene. It was left at that by its investigators. Soon after, a twenty-year-old barber, Livio Delfini, an acquaintance of his, once jokingly suggested that Giorgio was the one who murdered the rector and the guardian of his school. As an innocent, one would simply laugh this off and understand the humor, but, of course, Giorgio was not that. He ended up exposing himself to the barber in the process of trying to cover up with lies. The barber did not let this go. He wanted his share of what we call hush money, particularly the half of the 50,000 lire from the school rector. Giorgio agreed and began to pay him in bits and pieces, here and there. Livio was not satisfied and wanted his money all in one go. They set up a meet location, the place decided by Giorgio - what he called his hiding spot for the money. No money was exchanged, but two cadavers were found flowing in a stream after that. Livio was found with a caliber 9 bullet inside of him, and his taxi driver Bruno Veneziani with a caliber 7.65 bullet in him. Giorgio Vizzardelli had done it again, and this time he’d used two different guns altogether. These were his third and fourth victims to cover up the murder of the first and second. One fine day in December 1938, the custodian of the Registry Office, Giuseppe Bernardini, was found with an ax whose handle was sticky, stuck in his head. It did not look like a forced entry to the investigators, and who else had the most chance of having the keys if not for Giorgio’s father, Guido Vizzardelli, director of the Registry Office? He was immediately phoned.

It was found that his keys were sticky, too. Obligation meant that the Vizzardelli house must be searched. At searching, it was found Giorgio’s liquor bottles.. that were sticky to touch. The night before, it so happened that Guido’s son Giorgio was unaccounted for. A missing person’s report had been filed the night before by the father for the son, which was later withdrawn. Students had told investigators that Giorgio had shown them an ax similar to the one used to murder the 75-year-old Registry Office custodian.

Ample evidence, including his connections to the school, the barber as well as the Registry Office, led to the arrest and eventual life imprisonment, carefully escaping the death sentence due to being a minor.

Arrest and Suicide:

After his arrest, he confessed to all his crimes. He also explained why he broke into the Registry Office in the first place - to steal money to go to America, the land of Al Capone, where he thought his works would be appreciated. Giorgio Vizzardelli was pardoned by President Saragat in 1968. He killed himself in August 1973. Today, he is known as the Killer of Sarzana.

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