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Forced by Aunt to Rape my 2 Year Old Sister

Forced by Aunt to Rape my 2 Year Old Sister #MeToo

When I was 6 and my sister was 2 or 3, my mother got breast cancer and had to go to a capital city for treatment. She left our aunt, her sister, to stay and look after us. My aunt was about 25 and beautiful. The moment mum's car left the driveway, my aunt started molesting is and she didn't stop for three weeks.

Not only did she do things to us but she performed oral sex on me to arouse me and then had me force myself into my sister's anus until I think I orgasmed. My sister didn't like it at all but i was overwhelmed by the feelings and it wasn't long until she had me torturing a little girls clitoris with a vibrator at every opportunity.

My aunt had shown me how to use my own Oster to feel good. This was on every occasion completely forced and my sister had no say in the matter.

She was insane and tortured both of us with what I now realise were old school vibrating eggs.

A lot of what happened is a blurry memory but I can vividly remember achieving orgasm inside my sister.

I never told mum and my sister does not have any recollection of these events So i haven't told her.

I live with so much shame, but the most shameful of all comes from the fact that the memory of this event haunts me with arousal. Even typing the above words fills me with an incredible amount of arousal and I desperately feel the need to masturbate.

Urgh. I feel so bad. My poor sister. Her backdoor was badly abused and it was my doing.

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