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Crescent Hotel: Know the Haunted Story Behind America's Most Distinctive Historical Hotel!

Crescent Hotel: Know the Haunted Story Behind America's Most Distinctive Historical Hotel!

The story of 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is rich and intriguing. One finds the lodging's noteworthy chronicles on the hotel's fourth floor. Here visitors can read about the most punctual records of the inn from stories, which the writers took from the Eureka Springs Times Echo as view relics gathered throughout the years.

A one of a kind assortment of Crescent College as a Calliaphone from the Baker time is in plain view. When visiting the Crescent Hotel, make certain to get a Walking Tour Book. This book isn't an incredible asset to find out about the historical backdrop of the lodging. Still, it is an ideal gift to bring home.

Read the whole article to know more about the haunted place.

Brief About The Place

The historic hotel is in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The owners of the hotel shifted and were often replaced by newer ones. Its current owner is Elise Roenigk since 1997.

In Eureka Springs, there is a Victorian village and the hotel is on the western side of the village. The Crescent Hotel is also known as the most "Haunted Hotel" in America started in 1886.

When owners opened it, it was a resort for the elites. Finally, in the year of 1997, Marty and Elise Roenigk bought the building for $1.3 million. Then, they organized it into a hotel and got it listed in "National Register of Historic Places" in 2016.

Many paranormal activities have occurred in the hotel, and the number is more than 6. Several strange incidents have found their place in various articles and reports. The obscurity of the house pronounces it as one of the most notorious yet legendary places of visit.

The fear

In 1886 a well-known architect Isaac L. Taylor designed the hotel, targeting the noble and sophisticated class of the sundry. But soon the hotel went into complete disarray, and the owners failed to manage the gigantic structure. From 1908 to 1924, the hotel ran as the Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women and later as a junior college till 1934.

In the year of 1937, Norman G. Baker turned this hotel into a health station to prove his medical abilities. However, he had no genuine license to do so. He criticized certified medical companies of corruption. He even declared that he had discovered proper cures for innumerable diseases.

For safety and to practice his unethical experiments, he moved his cancer patients to Arkansas. In 1940, after a fierce car chase, Baker got arrested due to mail fraud and went to prison for 4 years.

At the time, at least 44 people died due to retreat by him. They all were cancer patients according to death reports and various records. There are also more than 15 TV programs like - "Ghost Adventures" which increase the interest in this eerily haunted place.

Story and Belief behind the Haunt

Many people have asserted that they had seen ghosts and weird apparitions. Police traced broken glass bottles days after Baker left the place. Channels like - Travel Channel, Ghost Hunter have attempted to take a sneak peek into the world of spirits.

They also captured supernatural things in their cameras and recorded spooky sounds. All these make the belief behind the Baker-timed stories more sound and obvious. You can see some parts of these through YouTube too.

Mysteries Behind the Haunt

Baker, who disguised himself as a physician without a license, was the apparent cause of the death of his patients. The court sent him to prison for 4 years for mail fraud. In 1946, John R. Constantine, Herbert E. Shutter, Dwight Nichols bought the hotel to bring it back into the business after renovation. This time, out of nowhere the ground floor caught fire killing all the owners except Dwight Nichols.

In 1997, Marty and Elise Roenigk purchased the house and made it into a beautiful resort. This was soon followed by a car accident in 2009 where Marty Roenigk died.

The results of the experiments carried out in the hotel were horrifying. The room which used to be the morgue in Baker's times remained witness to scary scenes and spooky sounds. When a tour guy went into the morgue side of the building, he saw a rusty door open and also heard a keen sound of the voice as if crying out for help.

In another experiment, there was a 3 years old baby waved in a certain direction to the morgue. And looked at the empty direction on the whole tour.

There was an Irish stone man, Michael, who died during hotel construction. A research group went there and could establish contact with Michael by Electromagnetic Field Reader. Other organizations that visited the place also produced similar reports. The experimental findings were in support of paranormal activities happening in the house. Due to this, the local people stopped going near the house.

A few years back, a woman found that the jacuzzi started on its own. A lady who locked the door to her room found the shower turned on when she came inside. She complained about it to hotel management. When the manager came there to find out what had gone wrong, he saw the floor was wet, and this had no logical explanation.

These all were because of supernatural powers and paranormal activities that make the hotel "Most Haunted in America".


There are some references like - "1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, a Historic Hotel of America Member ", restored on January 20, 2014, "Pure Hoax: The Normal Baker Story", restored on March 26, 2013, will help you to know more about the hotel. But if you go and visit the hotel. It is 75 Prospect Avenue in Eureka Springs in Arkansas, which is very famous. Isn't it?

The astounding truths of Crescent Hotel leave us craving for more insights.

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