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Bring the Charm in Your Relationship Knowing to Deal with the Most Common Reason the Couple Fights!

Bring the Charm in Your Relationship Knowing to Deal with the Most Common Reason the Couple Fights!

If love was the tastiest, creamiest cake you ever had, then fights would be the count of calories. You don't want it, no one likes it but it comes with the package.

Being in a relationship is not easy, right? The boy met the girl, the girl met the boy, multiple plot twists and 'Happily ever after'; nahhh!!! Don't know about fairytales but I guarantee you it is not so happy in real life. As being love makes face the fights, the conflicts, the arguments with the person whom we love the most. It is as universal as love itself.


Always expecting your partner to call you at midnight and bid you a romantic good night??? Aww...that's so very sweet. But trust me, it's always not possible. Expecting her to gift you an expensive watch on your forthcoming birthday??? Sounds nice. But maybe she's having a tough time. So, not possible this time.

Expectations are okay but when you start over-expecting things from your partner, things go astray. Your partner may be a "Fairy", "Superman" or a "gem", or whatever you call him/her to you. But in reality, they are like any other normal human being.

So when one of them starts over expecting things, the other one is put in constant pressure of fulfilling those kinds of stuff. Initially, it may seem romantic, but gradually it becomes something hectic and dreadful. And then starts the fight!!!

So expect less. Expect things from your partner that you yourself are capable of doing too. If you can't afford a meal at an expensive restaurant, don't expect it out of your partner. Simple as this.

Time…" you don't give me time"

The most common topic of any fight is Time and the commonest dialogue is "you seem to feel everyone(thing) worth giving time except me!!!". Well, you are having a sleepless night in the hope of a call from her. And she there is busy snoring. It happens. It's okay. Maybe she had a very tiring day in office.

Or maybe she is sick. I admit that time is an important element in every relationship. The more you give time to each other, the closer you come. The bond gets stronger. But okay, sometimes it's not just possible.

You may not know what your partner is going through. So accept some things sometimes. It never distances you rather makes you a more comfortable and cosy partner.


"Don't you find me interesting enough?". " Why don't you kiss me?". "It's been long we had sex! Why aren't you wanting it?". You are ready for a romantic and hot night. He is not okay with it. You are angry. Okay, physical relationship draws you closer, but try to understand why isn't he ready for it? There may be some problems.

Try to be understanding. It costs nothing but only some of your time and efforts. Not being intimate doesn't mean he loves you no more. Love is not all about sex and the bedroom! It is much broader a term.

Couples often fight for this topic. And a beautiful relationship gets shattered. It's high time you understand intimacy and love are 2 different terms. Both may be related to each other but definitely are not parallel to each other


We love keeping demands. But sometimes, our demands are just as high as the tip of the Everest. Well, that's difficult, isn't it? When you keep on demanding things from your partner every now and then, it becomes irritating for him/her. And this results in a fight.

Difference in opinions and choices

You want to have coffee but she wants steak. Or you love watching basketball while she craves for cricket. Yes, choices, thoughts, and views differ. It's normal. No two persons can be the same. So no fight over these! You want coffee, you have it.

She wants steak, let her have it. Conflict starts when one tries to inculcate his/her views and ideas in the other. You shouldn't force the partner for something that is distasteful to him/her. So, no forcing, no conflict.

Feeling left out

When with friends, he doesn't respond to your texts and calls! Or while partying, she doesn't take out time for you. You may feel left out. Fine. You may put on an angry face and demand chocolate or a kiss to be coaxed.

But things get out of the hand when you are obsessed with your partner… To much of obsession, I mean. When he/she's back, you lash out at him/her, " Don't you feel the need to be with me ( stressing on the words "me")?". And then starts a fight.

Okay, think lightly. Your partner deserves to have a life of his/her own. You don't own the person, after all. So try doing something else when your partner is out with friends, instead of calling and texting him/her.

Read a book, complete the left assignments or just listen to music and have coffee. Or go watch a movie alone. In short, do something that keeps you occupied. The more you sit doing nothing, the more you become obsessed with your partner.

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