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Biltmore Mansion: One of The Most Haunted Place in America! Why the Dead Family is still there?

Biltmore Mansion - One of The Most Haunted Place in America! Why the Dead Family is still there?

The Biltmore Mansion is the most famous historical monument in Asheville, North Carolina. Though few haunting instances have not taken place, the mansion has not lost its rank in one of the most haunting places in America. The mansion has one million visitors every year, and a few of the lucky ones have had their share in experiencing the ghosts that loom around.

The History and Haunting

The mansion, built in the 1800s by William Henry Vanderbilt II, served as a summer house. He fell in love with the property. He shifted in the house with his wife and daughter till the very end.

Visitors in the house have claimed to have experienced different types of paranormal activities. People experienced apparitions, chilling areas, physical touches. Many reports that they were pushed someone and pungent smells.

The staircase is said to be the spot for many ghost apparitions. Many paranormal investigators have also confirmed that the staircases are a usual spot for spirits due to some sort of energy in the construction of the spiraled stairs. Another factor that adds on to the spooky factor of the house is the rooms that contain headless mannequins wearing the depiction of 1800s clothing.

Few others have claimed to have seen Vanderbilt himself in the house library. According to legends, the library was his favorite spot in the house and often spent some time regularly there.

A few other apparitions were found in the basement, which holds the servants’ quarters, pools, and gyms.

An indoor swimming pool is located in the house. This is the area where visitors wish to make a stop. They say that the area gives them the terror vibes. Presumably, someone fell into the swimming pool during one of the parties, the Vanderbilt were so famous for holding.

Some accounts regarding the smell of freshly burnt cigar were also reported because Biltmore follows a smoke-free environment.

Some visitors have spoken about the feeling of being followed or watched.

The spookiest one is the case of spotting a headless orange cat wandering around the property. There are no clues on how or from where the cat entered the area. Nor does anyone know how it lost its head.

Biltmore Tour Tickets

After the property was handed down to the daughter and her grandchildren, the Biltmore House has been open to the public as a party hall and museum. The prices for the tickets for the museum vary over the season.

The tickets prices range from $80 to $90, with half the price or free for kids. The tickets are worth the price because they offer a package that includes access to the Antler Hill Village, complimentary wine tasting, self-guided tours of the mansions, and their vast gardens and many more. They also offer overnight stays in the mansion.

Though this mansion does not offer anything demonic or bone-chilling adventures, guests are present around the property. This mansion houses nothing much but an old, dead family having their time.

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