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Adnan's Story - Painful Crime Story of Flawed Criminal Justice is Uncovered New York's Bestseller

Adnan's case

Crime and Murder are genres that never fail to send chills down our spine. Imagine without any mystery or plot twists, wherein the culprit is immediately identified, and Justice is served; we would never enjoy the story.

Adnan's Story is a New York bestseller book by Rabia Chaudhry, who wrote the book in an attempt to prove the innocence of her family friend, Adnan Syed, a 17-year-old American from Baltimore, who was wrongly convicted and incarcerated in 1999, for the Murder of his then-girlfriend, Hae Min Lin. She was found murdered in Leakin Park, Baltimore. Immediately, Adnan Syed was arrested and convicted based on the testimony of Jay Wilds, a friend of Adnan's.

Here, the arrest and Conviction of Adnan can be attributed to the flawed criminal justice system and the corrupt Government. This book explores the truth behind the Murder of Hae Min Lin in an attempt to free the innocent Adnan from the wrong charges that were made against him. Rabia Chaudhry tries to dwell deeper to get to the end of the truth so that she can finally get Justice for her friend.

Adnan's story speaks of the pain and misery he suffered", while Rabia became the torchbearer of the crusade to bring Justice to Adnan and find Hae Min LinLin'sal killers. Though the story had also been portrayed on a television platform, “Se" he, "it did n"t entirely capture the actual incidents, Adnan. However, it successfully held the audience’s attention audience's the flawed justice system. Rabia Chaudhry's book attChaudary's construct

Adnan’s case, as Adnan's lawyer and narrator, fills in the gap that the serial had forgotten to cover. Though on July 22, 2016, Adnan’s case was ovAdnan'sd, Just when things seemed to be finally in his favor when he was proven innocent, his case was suspended in limbo for another year, all because the Baltimore Court refused to accept his guilty verdict. Hence, Justice took another break for him and Adnan, to date fights for his freedom.

Though Adnan was innocent, one of the reasons why the judges believed him to be guilty was the evidence that was found against him, which was entirely anecdotal, circumstantial but convincing enough to prove him guilty. It doesn’t help that doesn't Jay Wilds testified against him, claiming that Adnan had asked him to help in burying the body and the cellphone tower had recorded the last known location of Adnan, which seemingly stated that he was near the place of her Murder.

Before Adnan’s arrest and Adnan'sent conviction, Hae Min Lin’s Murder was liLin'sto the Murder of an 18-year-old girl, Jada Lambert, who was found strangled in the location where Hae’s body was discharged. However, police dismissed these claims when they got an anonymous call stating that Adnan, a spurned lover of Hae Min Lin, was responsible for her death since he had a potential motive to murder her. His friends Jay Wilds and Jennifer Pusateri were also questioned regarding Adnan’s involvement in Adnan's Murder.

Pusteri told the investigators Wilds had called her on the day of Hae’s disappearanceHae'stially, Jay had denieSyed'se claims, but later he confessed that he had helped Sayed to bury the Body in Leakin from Syed's Phone.


However, there was an inconsistency in Jay’s story since he claimed, in proveJay'sone of the recordings, that he had gone to McdonaldsPark that very afternoon. Hence, Jay’s story kept changing. Some peopleJay'sm that Jay was being fed the reports by the Authorities themselves, to end the investigation. Of course, these potential miscarriages of Justice in the Murder of Hae Min Lin would only be discovered years later.

Adnan’s family in a bid to bSufferedstice to him, Adnan's family had initially hired a defense attorney to represent him. However, the relationship was short-lived due to certain misunderstandings with the primary judge. Later, during his second trial, they hired another lawyer, Charles Dorsey, to represent Syed. According to the records, Adnan and Hae Min Lin had been secretly dating in fear of religious and cultural dating. Still, they soon broke up, with their relationship taking a turn for worst when Hae started dating another man.

Hence, based on various testimonies and “evidence,” the State found Adnan guilty because “his pride was hurt" and there was no other reason to kill.” Adnan found himself"f under arrest in a case where he assumed he was helping when he was the suspect. He was sentenced to jail on February 25, 2000, for thirty years.

Adnan’s Justice hasAdnan'selayed, yet he counts down the day he is finally set free from the wrong charges. One of the fundamental assertions of Rabia’s book statesRabia'syed's Trial was inSyed'sly flawed because of how blindsided the police, and prosecutors were by his Muslim heritage. Adnan remains imprisoned, serving his original sentence, yet his family and friends still fight for his freedom.

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