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5 Weird Laws in Egypt You Might Not Be Aware of Which May Land You in Jail

5 Crazy Laws of Egypt you might not aware of

Egypt, the gift of the Nile, is blessed with one of the seven wonders of the world. Egyptian mythology, tombs, and Pharaohs have fascinated and attracted foreigners for years. The Sphinx of Giza, the pyramids, the beautiful sand dunes, the colossal temples, the sparkling blue Nile, each of this contributes to the beauty of this country and makes this a tourist hotspot.

Besides, its great architecture, Egypt is also famous for its crazy laws. So, let us check some Weird Laws in Egypt:

Say No to Binoculars

Egypt with its numerous, breathtaking tourist attractions can be very enticing. This is the age of selfies and flexing our travel stories on Insta. But, hold your horses, there is some weird laws in Egypt that you should know. Don't get off the plane and go sightseeing. In Egypt, you can be detained or arrested if you are caught using or taking photographs near an airport.

Either Vote or Go to Jail

Voting is a democratic right. The ballot is mightier than the bullet, they say. But, how many of us actually believe it? How many of us exercise our right to vote judiciously? I'm not even talking about the uneducated masses. It is us, the educated ones too who are too lazy to do so or feel it is worthless to vote because elections are a farce.

Well, when you are not voting, you are contributing to making elections and democracy both a farce. Because the founding pillars of democracy is that it is the government by the people. And if people don't vote, the whole concept of democracy itself becomes a farce.

Egypt takes its voting pretty seriously and thus they have some very serious laws that may seem crazy to foreigners but can be quite useful if implemented wisely. In Egypt, you can be imprisoned for not exercising your right to vote. So you have to vote to avoid imprisonment.


We love cuddling, holding hands, and peck on the cheeks when we watch a romantic movie or go for walks or go to a park. But, as much as this is loved by the couples, it can be uncomfortable for the people around you. And we give those couples 'the look' but Egypt went a step further and made all public displays of affection, illegal.

So, if you are visiting Egypt with your partner in tow, consider yourself warned! No holding hands or cuddling in public if you want to be safe and enjoy a trouble-free tour.

One son in the army

You need a strong army to protect your country and save it from foreign invasion or wars. And for an army, you need people. To recruit people, Egypt has come up with a rule that may seem harsh to some and honorable to others.

All families, with one son are not required to send them to the army. But if any family has two or more sons, they should be sent to the army. But not at the same time so that there is always one son at home.

No Climbing Ancient Monuments

It is amazing what people have to be told these days. Isn't this apparent, well probably not in Egypt anyways. In Egypt climbing ancient mountains is prohibited. If you do not follow the law, you might be prohibited from visiting the nation or imprisonment. In severe cases, you might have to face both.

Parting Note

Egypt is a beautiful country that should be on your must-visit list. But, just make sure you follow their laws and customs. Then, you will have an amazing trip or you will be trapped in some weird laws in Egypt.

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