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26 Celebrities You Did Not Know Were Scientologists including Tom Cruise

26 Celebrities You Did Not Know Were Scientologists including Tom Cruise

Formed in the 1950s, Scientology, which L.Ron Hubbard found, is one of the most disputed ethnic religions present on the face of the world. It is believed to offer a kind of freedom from religion while still being a part of one.

Scientology has a completely different approach to their working as opposed to the commonly accepted religions, which Bill Gates might follow, or Blake lively might seem to go to. Scientologists believe that the human soul (Thetan) is immortal and temporarily resides in the human body.

They believe that the soul carries all types of experiences with them, whether negative or positive. To get rid of this, a ritual called ‘Auditing’ is performed to clear all the negative emotions after which one can deem peace from religion. This belief seems to attract many celebrities as many of them keep endorsing and promoting Scientology while also claiming it to be the one true religion.

Did you know Tom Cruise’s Religion? Well, Mr Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology and an outspoken Activist for the same. Not only him, celebrities like Kirstie Alley, Laura Prepon, David Campbell, and so on are all a part of this true religion. Find out below which of your favourite celebrity is a follower of this newly emerged true religion.

1) Tom Cruise

Prominent follower of Scientology, Tom Cruise linked with the Church of Scientology after his dad passed away in 1984. Mr Cruise has been open about his devotion to Scientology and how religion has helped him get through many hard times like family problems, divorces, and even to get through the rumour of him being gay. He believes it to be a true religion of peace and harmony.

2) Kirstie Alley

The Drop Dead Actress Kirstie Alley has always been outspoken about her association and devotion towards Scientology. She became a member of this ethnic religion in 1979 after declaring it helped her get out of her drug abuse situation. Alleged rumours were circulated about her being a fake follower, but she made it very clear in an interview on Sirius XM Radio about Scientology being her one true religion.

3) Jennifer Aspen

Former fox teen drama series star Jennifer Aspen has been known to practice Scientology for many years now. In her testimony on the church's online site, she mentions how Scientology helped her reach her full potential in her career, how it is the true religion of peace and grants more freedom in choices than any other.

4) Anne Archer

Academy award-nominated actress Anne Archer joined the church somewhere around the time of her first marriage. She openly stated in an interview with her guardian how Scientology helped her keep herself sane. Even though it’s a great responsibility, however, true religion has helped her gather a lot of knowledge.

5) Catherine Bell

The Actress from JAG, Catherine bell, is known to practicing Scientology as her religion. Coming from a catholic background, the bell found a different kind of freedom from religion after joining the church of Scientology, which formerly did not with her earlier religion. She claims to attain the “clear” stage in the Scientology auditing process. She has been actively taken part in supporting and promoting Scientology projects.

6) Nancy Cartwright

Known for voicing Bart Simpson's character, Nancy Cartwright is an active spokesperson for the Church of Scientology and a major donor for the facility. She is known to defend the religion ample of times publically. She is a firm believer of the institution’s beliefs and considers it the one true religion for humans.

7) David Campbell

Composer David Campbell has been a part of the church of Scientology for more than twenty years now. He has been making several videos on the topic to spread awareness to people about the institution's correct facts to form an ethnic religion of Scientology.

8) Erika Christensen

Parenthood actress Erika Christensen recently opened up about her relationship with Scientology. She expressed her view that religion has helped her gain knowledge on many subjects and given her a kind of correct sense to justify a lot of things.

9) Chick Corea

Jazz artist Chick Corea is a deeply committed Scientologist who has been reflecting his beliefs through his music. According to Corea, Scientology has helped him clean in life, and thus, he considers it a religion of peace.

10) Kate Ceberano

Australian Singer Kate Ceberano is a third-generation Scientologist on one of the top ranks in this religion. Ceberano has grown up around this true religion and says that Scientology has helped her shape her path of life. She says Scientology provides her with a certain kind of freedom from religion as no one is forcing authority over her. Rather the true religion is more about understanding the world around you.

11) Jenna Elfman

The lead actress of the Dharma and Greg, Jenna Elfman, has been a part of Scientology's church for more than 30 years now. She mentions that religion has helped her keep both her personal and professional life sane and peaceful.

12) Sony Bono

The Musician turned politician Sonny Bono became a member of the church of Scientology in the 1970s. He was a member for 20 years, but in 19921, he tried to leave the religion but was unsuccessful.

13) Marisol Nichols

Known for her role as Hermione Lodge in Riverdale, Marisol Nichols has been a part of the Scientology community for quite some time now. She credits the church for helping her get out of her excessive drug use and thus also deems the true religion as peaceful contrary to what people usually think of it.

14) Doug E. Fresh

Beatboxer Dough e.Fresh joined the religion somewhere in the 1980s and since has been part of the organization. In an interview, he revealed how Scientology religion fascinated him, so he pursued becoming a part of it.

15) Isaac Hayes

The now-departed soul, Isaac Hayes, joined the church of Scientology in 1993 and has also featured on the cover of the Scientology magazine a couple of times.

16) Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren, the News Anchor, and her husband are both members of Scientology. They are strong activists for the church defending its ethics and deeming it as a True religion.

17) Juliette Lewis

Oscar nominee Juliette Lewis is an active member of the church of Scientology. She was raised by her father, Actor Geoffrey Lewis who introduced Scientology to her. She usually speaks out against the drug industry and praises Scientology for its policy on anti-drug ways to heal people as she believes, true religion should.

18) Danny Masterson

Known to work on The 70’s Show, Danny Masterson is an active Scientology institution member. In an interview, he asked how religion helped him ask some important questions in life and help him get rid of all the negative thinking, hence living up to the name of the true religion of peace.

19) Elisabeth Moss

Popularly known for her role in The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss is also known to follow Scientology. Even though she keeps her spiritual life private, she also seems to defend the controversies around Scientology. Once a fan called Scientology a government scam to which she quickly refuted, saying it’s a true religion of peace, understanding, and tolerance.

20) Michael Peña

Michael peña, a well-known movie star is also a part of the Scientology church since 2000. In an interview with The Guardian, he exclaimed how the church helped to improve himself in all aspects of his life.

21) Laura Prepon

Orange Is the New Black star Laura Prepon is also one of the many who is a part of the Scientology community. Laura has openly advocated in defence of the many controversies revolving around her religion.

22) Giovanni Ribisi

Known to have starred in series like Friends, Giovanni Ribisi has been following the religion almost all his life. He is outspoken about his relations with Scientology and has defended the religion many times in public.

23) Lisa Marie Presley

Daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley was once a profound devotee of Scientology. She decided to leave the church in 2012 and explained her reasons in an interview with USA Today.

24) Jeff Conaway

The former Grease star, Jeff Conaway, was introduced to Scientology by his costar John Travolta when Conaway was battling drug addiction issues. Jeff claimed to have an auditor visit almost every day, which helped him when he was alive.

25) Jason Dohring

A second-generation Scientologist, Jason Dohring, continues to advocate for the true religion. He is a strong believer in Scientology being the true religion and has credited it for his ongoing success in life.

26) Bijou Phillips

The actress, Bijou Phillips, was fully introduced to the church of Scientology by her partner Danny Masterson in 2004 though her parents were already a church member. She frequently used to go to all Scientology events with her husband, but since her kidney surgery, Phillips has been quiet on the matter.

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