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12 Year Old Molested by Father's Friend: Denial Justice and Proven Liar

12 Year Old Molested by Father's Friend: Denial Justice and Proven Liar #MeToo

It happened 3 years ago when I was 12 years old. I was at a party with my entire family at my dad's best friends house. They were drinking and my dad's friend wanted to play video games with my older brother who has epilepsy. I only went up there to keep an eye on my brother but he got a little close and personal. My dad's friend has a name I don't want to say because it might ruin him so I will call him Chris here. Chris started to rub my legs and started to make his way close and close to my vagina. The room started to spin, I could not breathe, or think. As his fingers made their way there, I squeezed my legs together. His wife walks up the stairs and comes up to say something. He quickly pulled his hand out of my pants and behaved as if nothing happened. I ask her what they are watching downstairs. She said, "we are watching Heat". I went downstairs to watch it, but I was too impatient and was traumatized about what just happened with me, the only thing going through my head as he has two kids and a wife why would he do this and should I tell.

I suddenly burst into tears and went to his wife and said: "I am so sorry but I have to tell you something" and told the entire incident to my mom and his wife, she thought about leaving him but she asked him if it was true. He said "She spread her legs" and he opposed it. His wife believed him and told I was lying. Ever since that day I ask myself if it was a dream because it did not feel real, I didn't know someone like him could do something like that. Sometimes I wish it was a dream and not reality. And yes he is still with his wife and kids living happily ever after and I went through counselling and stores because I hated myself and him.

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