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12 Most Haunted Houses in the USA | 12 Scariest Haunted House in America that You Should Not Miss!

12 Most Haunted Houses in the USA | 12 Scariest Haunted House in America that You Should Not Miss!

Halloween or the Fall is all about pumpkins, spice, treats, and fun. But there are a few brave-hearted people who would want their pulse beating faster. While trick-or-treating is still fun and frolic, few of us want to experience the darker, real aspect of Halloween, and luckily enough, the US is filled with such spooky, eerie, or "haunted' places.

The US is filled with historical places, buildings that have convincing, scary stories that will definitely give you the feel of Halloween that you deserve. You just have to know where to look.

Anyone who watches ghost hunting or paranormal investigating shows will be familiar with the most famous spooky places such as the Whaley House, the LaLaurie Mansion, Myrtles Plantation, Winchester mystery house, Lizzie Borden's Fall River home or maybe even the White House! These places are renowned for scaring the nerves out of the visitors' bodies.

The idea of a vacation is different for different people. If you fall under the category of paranormal experience and heart-racing adventures, these places will definitely satisfy your needs. So pack up your gear and set for the greatest adventures of time.

Now according to the legends, this magnificent Victorian mansion is filled with a dozen spirits that were killed by the Winchester Rifle. You can expect a lot of ghosts in that case. It is said that to appease the ghosts, Sarah Winchester, the wife of the late owner of the Winchester Rifle, added more rooms, spaces for the spirits to stay.

She seemed to have created a Labyrinth. According to news, the house has ten thousand windows, around two thousand doors, nearly fifty fireplaces, approximately forty staircases, fifteen bathrooms, and almost ten kitchens. In 1922 after Winchester died, the house hosted tours for anyone willing to walk among the Winchester spirits.

George Washington Vanderbilt II built this mansion in the 1800s. Though nothing very significant took place in the mansion over the years, the mansion is said to be haunted after the death of Vanderbilt. Visitors have claimed to hear the sound of a woman, possibly the wife Edith, calling out Vanderbilt's name. They have also witnessed some ghostly apparitions.

The mansion also contains some hidden doors and passageways that add to the spook factor of the mansion. Today, anyone who wishes to have a tour of the house may do so on their own, or through a guide.

Back in the 1800s, Thomas Whaley and his family built their house on a land that was previously a public execution site. The infamous thief Jim Yankee was said to haunt the Whaley family for years. He would leave footprints all over the house.

Though now, the house is not only haunted by the thief, but also Thomas Whaley, his wife, a dog, and a young girl. Those who wish to experience ghostly adventures may pay a visit to the house.

This mansion in Greenwich village is definitely a mansion full of spirits, ghosts, sad stories, and misfortunes. This mansion was resided by a very famous writer, Mark Twain, and his ghost presumably still haunts the house.

But this mansion is said to hold 22 ghosts, which also includes a 6-year old girl who was beaten to death by her stepfather. The house is documented by Jan Bryant Bartell in the book "Spindrift: Spray from a Psychic Sea," who also resided in the house back in the 1900s.

Back in the 1800s Lizzie Borden, daughter of Andrew and stepmother Abby Borden, was said to murder her parents with an ax. Though Lizzie was said to be a psychopath, a trial was held and put Lizzie guilty.

She spent the rest of her life under the shadow of guilt and is now said to haunt the mansion she killed her parents. Visitors claim to hear the sound of Lizzie laughing on the stairs or that of her parents, or the screaming of the maid when she found the bodies on the bed.

Yes, this is the very house from 'American Horror Story.' This mansion was owned by a cruel, bloodthirsty woman named Delphine LaLaurie or Madame LaLaurie. She is known to torture her slaves in ways nobody could even think of.

The mansion is still said to be haunted by the victims. A tour of this house is not available. However, passersby claim to hear noises, moans, groans, weeping sounds, ghostly figures looking out of the windows even though the house has been vacant for several years. Now the property is owned by a new owner, renovated it and blessed it by a priest before moving in.

This estate was built back in the 1700s and was affected severely by the Civil War. This mansion is said to house nearly 20 ghosts, out of which one ghost is presumably supposed to be Chloe, who was a slave in the house.

She has appeared in different pictures taken of the site. Another ghost who seems to have his rounds is that of William Winter's. He can be heard on the stairs, since that is the very spot he was found dead.

This mansion was featured in many reality TV shows such as 'Ghost Hunters,' 'Unsolved Mysteries,' 'Ghost Adventures' and 'Terrifying Places in America.' Now the place is open for bed and breakfast and is titled as one of the best ghost tours.

Now this house will definitely not provide you with those friendly neighborhood spirits. The ghost or what the locals call a demon, who resides in this house, takes the form of a young girl and haunts the tenants.

In the 1900s, the new renters claimed to have eerily bizarre happenings. They claimed to have seen lights flickering, apparitions, possessions, unexplained voices and scratches, burn marks on their bodies. Former renters seemed to have also experienced the same happenings.

This work is presumably supposed to be that of a little girl named Sallie. Sallie is told to be a demonic presence as Satanic ritual traces have been found in the basement several times. The house offers self-guided tours, overnights in the months of September and October.

The white may be the home of the most important person of the state, but it is also the home for several former leaders, their pets, and even the housekeepers. Many leaders have seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln wandering through the house, especially in the Lincoln bedroom.

The house is even said to be haunted by their son, Willie, who died of yellow fever. Even the wives of the former leaders are said to haunt the house even now.

This castle was built in the 1800s by Hannes Tiedmann and is called to be the most haunted place in Ohio. Hannes was said to be a very cruel man in Ohio. The residents of the house at that time severely faced deaths.

Among the many people who mysteriously died were Emma (Hannes' daughter), his mother, and three more of his children later on. His wife Louise also passed away due to liver failure although there are rumors stating that Hannes had a hand in the happening. However after Hannes moved out of the house, it was passed on to many tenants.

The house was even claimed to be a den for the Nazi spies. Skeletal bones have been found embedded in the walls of the basement. However, this house is just one stop on the list.

Back in the 1800s, John Bell brought a part of this farm along Tennessee's Red River. The family worked on the farm for a good amount of time until they started to notice strange looking animals in the property. From that point, the Bell family was said to have fallen prey to strange noises, physical attacks.

The spirit was identified as that of Kate Batts, their former neighbor. The spirit has been said to prevent Bell's daughter's marriage to a local boy and presumably killed Bell himself. Today, visitors can tour the Bell Witch Cave during the Bell Witch Festival, held on Halloween, of course.

Last but not least is the honorable mention. This house is the most haunted place in America, situated on Long Island. The movie 'The Amityville Horror' was based on this very house. The house has a very dark history that is not very easy to ignore. It all started back in 1974 when Ronald DeFeo Jr killed his parents, two brothers, and two sisters while they were asleep.

Ronald claimed that the voices in the house asked him to do it. With its owners dead or in jail, the house was immediately put up for sale and brought by the Lutz family. They regretted buying the home almost instantly.

They heard strange noises, swarms of flies, felt chills, .etc, and to make stuff even worse, their daughter developed a scary imaginary friend. A priest was unable to exorcise the ghost away, and therefore the family had to leave the house. The house was sold again to new owners later on.

So, in conclusion, these are your private horror picnic spots in America. Dive into these spooky hotspots for Fall and keep a memory for life.

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