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Pascagoula Abduction - Two Men Claimed To Be Abducted By Aliens. Know Why UFOlogists Believed this!

Two Men Claimed To Be Abducted By Aliens. Know Why Even UFOlogists Believed the News, Read This!

Aliens have been among the most exciting and discussed topics in pop culture. From movies to novels to events and clubs, the moment an alien is introduced, the crowd goes berserk. However, while this may seem fascinating, it would only take real aliens to make people scared out of their wits, and that’s precisely what happened to Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker Jr.

What happened on the day of UFO visit?

The incident occurred on October 11, 1973, when the duo rushed into the Sheriff’s department in Pascagoula, Mississippi, late into the night, white with fear. Hickson was Parker’s foreman at a shipyard, and both of them had gone fishing in the Pascagoula River after work at an abandoned boat launch. The aliens, too, were seemingly on a fishing expedition as, ironically, Hickson and Parker couldn’t catch their fish, but extra-terrestrial fishermen did.

In 1975, Hickson told the Washington Post that he was about to get more bait when he heard a zipping sound from the sky. Looking up, he saw flashes of blue lights and a 30-foot-long object with a dome on the top.

As the vessel hovered above the ground, three creatures emerged from within, also hovering, and Hickson and Parker almost became paralyzed with shock. These creatures were 5 feet tall and had lobster-like claws. Their noses and ears were pointed and covered in wrinkles, with one leg and no discernible neck. They had no eyes and slits for mouths.

2018 Parker told the Biloxi Sun Herald that he ‘floated inside.’ Hickson said they were made to take a physical examination by something resembling a giant eye, accompanied by a constant mechanical whirring sound.

After a while, probably after examining the duo, the aliens supposedly dropped them back onto the boat into the dark delta from where they had been picked up. Hickson said that Parker was standing up with his arms raised to the sky and screaming.

The Sheriff undoubtedly believed the duo to be drunk or merely lying. They left the men in a room and secretly taped them to catch these lies. However, Hickson and Parker continued to talk about what they saw and being oblivious to the camera taping them, the Sheriff started to have little doubts that maybe the story was true.

The captain, Glen Ryder, told The Post in 1975 that they tried everything to break the duo’s stories. Jokingly he said that if they waited were lying, they should be in Hollywood.

UFO News went Viral!

By the following day, the incident had become international news. News conferences were held, which completely stunned both Hickson and Parker. Skeptics called both of them liars and said the claim was bogus.

They said that it was a result of sleep paralysis with hypnagogic hallucinations. Believers arrived in Pascagoula and, wrapped in aluminum foil, in their cars waiting for the visitors.

Hickson and Parker were aged 42 and 18, respectively, and became the center of attention for a while. Hickson went on to Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett and published a book in 1983.

Parker had come to Pascagoula from an even smaller town and hadn’t planned on attracting so much interest. He simply wanted to earn some money before getting married. He didn’t handle fame well and simply said he was passed out the entire time.

However, in 2018, he revealed that it was a lie, and he did remember everything that happened. Moreover, he bathed in bleach, fearing the aliens had infected him. Within a few weeks of the incident, he left the town, married, and worked in the oil fields. Eventually, Parker, now 60, came out of hiding and published his own book.

Research and Theories:

The city discussed plans to erect a marker to commemorate the best-documented case of alien abduction. At that time, new witnesses emerged telling the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger that they saw a flying object with flashing blue lights on the night in question. One of the witnesses, Maria Blair, said that the story was real and had been on her mind for 45 years.

Many UFOlogists researched the sight and published books on the incident. Philip, a former director of investigations for British UFO Research, said, “Unfortunately, this unique close encounter has fallen by the wayside and has been largely forgotten by many UFO researchers.

With that in mind, in late 2017, I reached out to Calvin Parker and re-published the book on this fascinating event. I have also been asked by a colleague who works in the film and TV industry to consider a movie based on the experience of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker. Irrespective of that, there is no doubt that this is one of the most unique close encounters on record.”


It is impossible to verify whether the duo was speaking the truth, and it seems as though until such a situation is recorded on tape and verified, alien sightings if confirmed, will continue to happen and then cast aside as a publicity stunt.

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