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Is Sleeping in North Direction is against Mythology? Why Shiva Chopped Ganesh Head? Know the Science

Is Sleeping in North Direction is against Mythology? Why Shiva Chopped Ganesh Head? Know the Science

Ayurveda asserts the presence of three pillars of health: diet, sleep, and energy management. These pillars are considered the legs of a chair, and if any also falls then the whole chair will start wobbling due to out of balance. The chair refers to health. Sleep is a vital and often neglected component of an individual’s overall health and well-being. Getting adequate rest helps in preventing weight gain and heart diseases.

Sleep plays an important role in our daily routine and the direction in which we place our head has a significant role in maintaining good health. Vaastu Shastra forbids placing our head towards the north direction while sleeping. There is also a Tamil proverb “vaaraatha vaazhvu vanthalum vadakke thalai vekkakudaathu” which means even if you get good fortune, you should not place your head in the direction of north.

Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra seeks the balance of 5 elements namely, Earth, water, fire, air, and ether and states that these elements should be in proper proportion for maintaining balance. With the understanding that we are constantly receiving and radiating energy, it is critical to sleep in an orientation that is conducive to propagate quality energy.


It is believed that if an individual sleep facing the North, he or she might experience bad dreams during the night, which would disturb the mind and sleep. Another belief is that the body gives up the positive energy while sleeping facing towards the North.

Belief of Hindus

There is a Hindu mythological story that once Goddess Parvathi went to take a holy bath, told her son, Lord Ganesha, to guard near the door and not to allow anyone inside. Later Lord Shiva came to see Parvathi but Ganesha did not allow him even knowing that he was the husband of Parvathi. When Parvathi came out and saw the two, she was shocked to see both of them arguing. Lord Shiva lost his temper and ordered his servant to cut Ganesha's head.

To please Parvathi, Lord shiva ordered to get the head of any creature that was sleeping in North direction. The servants found and chopped the elephant's head facing the North and handed over to Lord Shiva. This is the reason behind forbidding to sleep facing the North. As per Hindus, the best direction to sleep is on the left side facing East or west direction. This increases blood circulation and also helps in the improvement of overall well-being.

Why North Direction is Forbidden to Sleep?

Sleeping in North-South direction with our head facing the North and feet facing the South, a person comes under the negative field. Usually, there are several explanations given against the position, the talk about the strong magnetic forces of the earth is given to the influence of the human body at this particular posture.

Earth is a large magnet and the human body has its magnetic field. While sleeping with the head pointing towards the North, the magnetic field of the human body becomes asymmetrical to the earth. Sleeping by facing North causes problems related to blood pressure and the human heart needs to overcome these problems. The human heart is not located halfway down, it is placed three-fourths of the way up because pumping up the blood against the force of gravity is tedious than pumping down.

If a person is old and having weak blood vessels he or she might be prone to haemorrhage or paralytic stroke. There is a drop in pulse rate if the body is positioned horizontally. Sleeping with the head facing the North can disrupt the blood circulation, disturbed sleep, stress and increase of cholesterol.

If you sleep facing north, you will have chances of haemorrhage. The blood from the heart goes up to the brain through the blood vessels. The blood vessels are very thin like hair and cannot take any extra drop of blood. But sleeping on north puts pressure and if an extra drop of blood is pumped in, blood vessels will burst and leads to haemorrhage.

Most of the people suffer from brain haemorrhages nowadays. This does not incapacitate an individual in a major way instead, small damages may occur. The intelligence level of individual drops after the age of 35. The haemorrhages are caused on the upper side of the body which leads to dullness, lowered IQ and concentration problems.

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