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8 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make your Guy Crazily Want You | Make Your Guy Addicted With You!

Deeply in love with the guy you are presently dating? But are not sure whether he wants more of you? Well, this article is for you then. Make your guy fall deeply for you and let him want you and crave for you badly with these simple tips.

Be confident in your own skin

Have Confidence in yourself. Your inner confidence will glow through your face and that's highly attractive. Guys like women who are confident with whatever they possess. If you are dusky, admit it confidently, instead of trying to put on unnatural makeup.

Everyone needn't be Snow White. Admit the traits you have and accept yourself the way you are. Remember when you yourself accept your true self, you can expect someone else to accept your self.

Be kind and caring

Boys loved to be taken cared of. Give him time, when he's with you don't remain busy over the phone, talk to him, listen to his problems and try giving some unique solutions and advice. Guys have a fascination for the kind and generous girls. So be one. Help him whenever needed. Instead of just complaining, listen to your side of the story.

Give him space

Let him enjoy his life without you. Allow him to be with his friends and close ones. Don't chase him everywhere. Also, don't flood his WhatsApp with lots of texts and pictures.

This will strangle him and make him move away from him. Ask him at night, " How was your day?" or "How was your office party?". This will let him know that you care for him and will ultimately draw him closer to you.

Love doesn't happen overnight

Don't be desperate. Take time and give him time too. Provide him the time to feel for you, to miss you, and to long for you. Don't change your plans for the sake of meeting him. Give him the time to surprise you with a visit even if you are busy.

Let him know you are happy with him but at the same time, you are perfectly okay without him. Too much emotional outbursts may suffocate him and he may turn you off.

If he texts you, try texting him an hour later. This will suggest that you have a life of your own too.

Be physically fit and attractive

Go to the gym, or join any type of physical activity courses to remain fit and fine. Do yoga or just go jogging regularly. Maintain a good physique. Guys are more attracted to women with a sexy and gorgeous figure.

Wear clothes that look quite appealing. This doesn't mean that you will have to wear revealing or short dresses, but if you are comfortable in it, it's well and good, but if not, don't worry. Wear dresses that suit you. Try to look beautiful and elegant.

Flirt with him

You can engage yourself in some conversation with him, but if you can flirt with him, do it. Let him know that you want him. Praise him, compliment him. Try touching his hand. Break the physical barrier. Touch him in a way that makes him crave for your touches even more.

Like, while conversing put your hands on his shoulder, or reach for the keys in his pocket on your own. Also, give him situations to touch you too. If you are way too closely, then you can just give him spontaneous kisses. That's too romantic!!!

Be good in bed

If you are already into a sexual relationship, then be exceedingly well in bed. This won't allow his mind to have sex with other girls. Talk dirty, make yourself alluring in bed, try different sex positions, only if you yourself are comfortable with it.

Gentle Behavior

Don't shout at him publicly. Respect him the way you want to be respected. When you are meeting with his friends, talk with them gently and benevolently instead of putting on a disgusted expression. Remember, guys, are always much influenced by their best friends. So be good with them.

These are some of the basic tips that can be followed. Also, you can follow your own ways too. Obviously, you will know better how to handle your man. But remember, don't get obsessed with him. Go to the extent possible for you to make him want you. If he truly loves you, he will appreciate your efforts and will definitely try to be yours.

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