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Why Do Cancer & Depression Go Hand In Hand? Know Sign & Symptom of Depression, Before It's Too Late!

Why Do Cancer & Depression Go Hand In Hand? Know Sign & Symptom of Depression, Before It's Too Late!

Cancer is an illness that could eat you up from the inside, and so does depression. Thus, the question is- can diseases as cancers lead us into depression? Or could depression play with our minds so much that it may affect or lead to cancer? Let’s find out.

When first diagnosed with cancer, the initial anxiety or depression is most likely. Not everyone is strong enough to face cancer with depression on top. It could mess up people's heads. Most cancer patients will experience depression at a point, and it could be at the start of its treatment or in between or at the end. Depends on patients about how they are handling the situation.

It has also come to our knowledge that due to severe mental distress, there are chances that people may get affected with cancer as well. The chances of it happening are exceedingly rare. But there are no absolute facts that depression alone is the cause of cancer. It could be one of the reasons.

So, one should always keep in mind that poor mental health could affect them physically and vice-versa.

What Symptoms Should You?

People who have cancer could lose interest in their day-to-day lives. It could be because of clinical depression or depression in general. Patients suffering from depression usually develop a few symptoms. These include:

  • Mood swings, like being sad, or anxious, frustrated or agitated.

  • Loss of interest in fun activities.

  • Weight loss changes.

  • Sleep changes.

  • Extreme tiredness.

  • Feeling self-conscious, or worthless.

  • Trouble concentrating, remembering things, or making decisions.

  • Suicidal thoughts, or suicidal attempts.

Does Depression Make It Worse For Cancer Patients?

Today, development in science and medicines found ways of curing cancers. Everyone wants to recover from whatever illness they are suffering from as soon as possible. But depression could affect the course of cancer patient’s treatment.

Patients might miss out their appointments, and as a result, don't get proper treatment. It is also possible that they are not following the routine given by doctors like not exercising or not eating healthy.

Monitoring cancer patients is necessary. Therapy sessions are one way to keep mental health in check. Talking to family or friends could help too. They need to express their feelings about what they feel about treatment, how hard is it on them, do they feel depressed, etc.


No one is saying that you will get cancer is the result of depression. Or, if you have cancer, then you will suffer from depression. Let’s say that stress could be very harmful to you. You need to stay healthy and believe in yourself.

Always look out for yourself and other people, even if you don’t know them. You can help by making them feel confident or loved and ensuring them that it’s okay to feel vulnerable. We all feel that.

Whether they have cancer or not, they could be in depression. A smile or a wave to a stranger could save his/her life.

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