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Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde: Scary Tale of Wrong Parenting Leading To Capital Punishment

Serial Killers Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde

The story of half-sisters Renuka Shinde and Seema Gavit is a classic example of how parenting can go way wrong. It all started with their mother, Anjana Bai, who had no life skills except for pickpocketing and snatching jewelry in crowded places, and that is how she managed to make her way around the many years that she lived.

It all started with Thefts:

She had about 125 cases lodged against her for petty thieving, and her then-husband, Mohan Gavit, was sick and tired of having constant altercations with the cops for the same. He left her and remarried Pratibha in the year 1990. This angered Anjana Bai to an unfathomable extent, where she and her daughters, Renuka and Seema, decided to kidnap and kill Mohan’s eldest daughter with his new wife. What started as a method to collect revenge for him leaving their mother, soon turned into a frenzy of kidnapping for their own selfish purposes.

Renuka’s son had once tried to pickpocket someone as a child. Still, the family had gotten away with it after Renuka made an exhibition of herself, going on about how a woman with a child would never steal. After this, the family of three decided to always carry a child with them when they were going out to commit a crime. And so, they did, but instead of taking Renuka’s own child, they instead picked up infants and young children from crowded places such as temples, fairgrounds, etc. When they were finished with their thefts, or if the child opened its mouth and made any sound, the child would either be abandoned or killed by them.


The two sisters gave a whole new meaning to the word heartless. Santosh was their first victim; he was just 18 months old. After using him for their work, his head was bashed against an electric iron pole because he wouldn’t stop crying. He was later thrown under an autorickshaw to be discarded. This was just the beginning of their horrendous crimes. In the six years between 1990 and 1996, they kidnapped dozens of children and discarded them after they had fulfilled their purposes. Most of them were beaten to death, their little heads bashed in, or were thrown down a flight of stairs and the likes.

An 18-month-old girl was bagged and left in the loo of a cinema, a 2-year-old boy starved and beaten to death for spending too much time asking for his mother. These women were brutal to the core and never felt any remorse for doing what they did, as Kiran Shinde, the husband of Renuka Shinde, had told the police. In the year 1996, the mother and daughters had decided to kidnap Seema and Renuka’s second step-sister, that is Mohan and Pratibha’s second daughter Kranti. She was 9 years old, and when she went missing, Pratibha Mohan Gavit filed a missing person’s report to her name.

Pratibha and Mohan were so very sure that it was his ex-wife and daughters who had picked up their first daughter six years ago, and the inspectors assigned to this case confirmed the same. Following leads, the police connected a lot of child kidnappings and deaths around the areas of Kolhapur, Nashik, and Pune, to the trio of sisters and mother.


The three moved around a few times from place to place, to avert from the eyes of the police. They were all arrested in 1996, including husband, Kiran Shinde. Still, he was granted a pardon in exchange for cooperating with the police and giving them all the information that they needed.

Renuka, Seema, and Anjana Bai’s house were searched, where children’s clothing matching missing person’s reports were found, as were photographs of unknown children at Renuka’s children’s birthday parties.

While the mother passed away from illness shortly after her arrest, the other two were convicted for killing 5 children and for 13 kidnappings in all. The sisters are on death row now, despite filing a mercy plea that was rejected by the President of India in the year 2014.

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